Hello!I am back with movie review post ; Buddy Cops (刑警兄弟) .
This TVB- presented Hong Kong – China co-production is an action comedy about two cops that became colleagues and brothers at the same time. The Buddy Cops features TVB actors and actresses includes Bosco Wong Chung –Chak ( Chan Kin Fei) , King Kong (Johnny Li) , Kate Tsui (Petite Pricess) , Charmaine Fong (Bessie), Feng Tsui Fan (Philip Chan) , Elaine Jin (Qiu) and Eric Tsang (Man Sir). This movie is rated NC-16 and it was completed in 2012 but only released this year.


My review:
It was my first time watching Bosco Wong acting in a comedy movie and I think he did it quite well. Fei (Bosco) and Johnny (King Kong) are two cops with totally opposite characters get connected in their life one day. Both are unable to stand each other presence and can’t possible stay together after their parents (starring by Stanley Fung Shui-fan & Elaine Jin Yan-ling ) coincidentally become an item after a trip. Then, the storyline continues on their family drama with comedy elements in it that gives everyone a laugh throughout the session.
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As the storyline continues, Fei decided to investigate a murder case of his ‘brother’ which leads Johnny to be involve as well. I was quite surprised on how well King Kong acted with his mummy boy character which is different from his usual role. I think he did a good job with the role playing. And also the ladies, Kate Tsui was indeed funny and hilarious from the way she acted. However, it would be best if the make-up artists can turn her to even more ugly looks to enhance the effect of the movie.
Aside from this, Charmaine Tsue who acted as Fei’s ex was psycho and demanding. It was quite a scary girlfriend and I was just puzzled how come they still end up together despite having such terrifying obsession on Fei.
BUDDY COPS -刑警兄弟-5
BUDDY COPS -刑警兄弟-3
I would recommend watching it if you are a TVB drama lovers or some drama to de-stress after a long day of work. It’s more of nonsense adult jokes that entertain you throughout the movie.

You can catch Buddy Cops (刑警兄弟) in cinemas on 21 April 2016 onwards.


Happy watching!

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