Michelle files sexual harassment charges against Pastor To after they shared a passionate kiss. The scandal causes him to turn away from religion while she tries to find salvation in it. They meet many years later only to realise that absolution was never their destination.
Heaven in the Dark Movie-暗色天堂

Starring by: Jacky Cheung, Karena Lam, Anthony Wong, Wong He, Law Lan, Edmond So, Michelle Wai, Catherine Chau, Tyson Chak, Vincci Cheuk

Director : Steven Yuen (Karena Lam’s husband)
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xaw9VwJYgYY&w=630&h=360]
This movie has a religious context in which is quite sensitive. Marco (played by Jacky Cheung) is the pastor and a CEO of an innovative social enterprise that supply medicine to the third world. Marco was a ‘lady killer’ as many ladies are attracted to his charisma. Then, he met Michelle (played by Karena Lam) as his new staff. Michelle started to attend the church where Marco preached to understand her boss better. She was advised by colleague not to attend the church where Marco is preaching.
Nevertheless, she was stubborn enough not to listen and continue attending the session. In a sermon, Marco preached about the temptation and advised his followers that the best way not to fall into temptation is to avoid it.
Heaven in the Dark Movie-1

As the story plot continues to flow, both Marco and Michelle have started to develop a feeling to each other. Michelle approached Marco for a private farewell dinner and there began the peak of the storyline. Both shared a passionate kiss in the car at the scenic Victoria Peak after drinking alcohol.
And soon after that she files a report and Marco causing Marco to be found guilty and lost the aim of life. They met five years later where Michelle and Marco started to share their sides of the stories as Marco was seeking for an answer. Jacky Cheung and Karena Lam did good acting skills where they expressed the emotions and the pains that they have gone throughout the years. The facial expressions were impressive and the way they able to deliver words from the emotional acts.
I wouldn’t want to be a spoiler so go watch it to find out the truth behind the sexual molest and temptations consequences behind this storyline.
Along the way, there are small scene parts that are quite funny especially the appearance of Anthony Wong as the lawyer for Marco. There are more for you to find out yourself.

The M18 movie will be showing in cinema from 7 April 2016 onwards.

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