It was an impromptu dinner with blogger friends at Masizzim last week. Finally get the chance to try after seeing all the positive reviews posted on social media which include media tasting. Masizzim is actually a combination of two Korean words – “masi” delicious and ‘jjim” stew. The brand is also from the same people behind the successful Chir Chir.
Masizzim-313 Somerset
We were there last Thursday around 7plus and waited for approximately 20 minutes before 6 of us managed to secure a table to dine in. While waiting for our table, the staff approached us with a menu and order chit. We were told to write down our orders so that they can process immediately once we are seated.

Finally we got our seats and the foods are served within 20 minutes despite the whole place was full house. Seriously, we were quite impressed with serving time. So, here are foods that we had that night:

Anchovy Rice Balls S$8.00each
Masizzim-Anchovy Rice Balls

Masizzim-Anchovy Rice Balls-313 Somerset
There are two options; Anchovy or Tuna Rice Balls. We opt for the anchovy which consists of 3 rices (medium-grin white rice, Korean black rice and barley), seaweed crumbs, crushed chilli padi and anchovy. The interesting part of this dish is that diners can hands on to mix them and shape them into rice balls or heart-shaped according to preference. Interesting dish not to miss when you decide to give this place a try!

Next we have the signature Korean stews with customize personal preference:

1. Choose the Stew: Beef, Pork or Spicy Chicken
2. Choose the Flavor: Soy or Spicy (Level 1 -4)
3. Choose Noodles: Udon or Glass Noodles
4. Optional Add-Ons – Cheese (S$2.00) / Toppoki (S$2.00) / Extra Noodles (S$2.00)

We order all three types of stew with glass noodles option. Each stew comes with 2 sizes/ pricing.
Spicy Chicken Stew S$16.00 / S$29.00
Masizzim-Spicy Chicken Stew
Masizzim-Spicy Chicken Stew-313 somerset
Pork Rib Stew S$16.00/ S$29.00
Masizzim-Pork Rib Stew

Beef Rib Stew S$18.00 / S$32.00

Masizzim-Beef Rib Stew
Indeed a comforting and savoury stew with a bowl of rice. Our favourite was the beef rib stew which was umami flavour. The beef meat was tender and soft. Although the spicy chicken stew and pork rib stew fared pretty well, our ultimate choice was the beef. Enough said! The stews are slow-cooked over 6 hours and thus this explains why the meats are juicy tender.
As for the spicy chicken stew, we requested for Level 1 because all of us cannot take spiciness. So, the broth was not as spicy as we thought. For those who are up to challenge, give it a try on the highest level.

Tomato Cheese Pancake S$13.00
Masizzim-Tomato Cheese Pancake

Masizzim-Tomato Cheese Pancake-1
We also ordered pancake with pizza shape alike because of the mozzarella cheese on top of the tomato paste and minced beef and kimchi pancake. I wanted to do a stretchy cheese shot.haha!

Steam Egg S$12.00
Masizzim-Steam Egg
Our total bill was S$83.00 inclusive of 10% service charge and 7% GST for 6 of us. I thought the price is quite affordable for so many of us. It is always best to dine in a group and we can try more dishes at the same time. I will be back for Masizzim for their rice ball and beef rib stew!

Masizzim 마시찜 Singapore Korean Restaurant
Address: 313@Somerset, 313 Orchard Road, #B3-02, Singapore 238895
Opening Hours:
Sunday-Thursday 11:00AM-10:00PM
Friday & Saturday 11:00AM-11:00PM
Tel: +65 6509 5808
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/masizzimsingapore

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