I blogged about the renowned Yunomori Onsen & Spa recently and here I am visiting them as a customer for an experience. Ever since Yunomori opened at Kallang Wave Mall, the response was tremendously good. Lucky me as I managed to get through the phone call to make an appointment for my onsen and spa time. For onsen, no appointment is required but spa required though.

I did the doodling to summarize my visit with Yunomori as photography is not allowed. How do I fare on my doodling skill?hehe!
Yunomori Onse & Spa
Here’s the summarize steps enjoying the facilities here at Yunomori:

1. Place your shoes at the locker before entering the Yunomori Lobby
2. Sign in and make payment at the reception counter
3. Collect your wristband tag
4. Proceed to collect the disposable undergarments, towels and yukata
5. Put your things in the locker- Wristband tag is the key for the locker.
6. Get changed / naked
7. Get wet at the bath area before proceeding to the onsen for hygiene purposes
8. Enjoy Onsen / Steam Room
9. After you are done, get a bath at the bath area with ready amenities available
10. Change to yukata and order some foods at Café or relax at the Resting Lounge
11. Once you are done, proceed to the reception counter to exchange back the locker key for your shoes.

My Experience:
So, I was there last Sunday in the afternoon around 2.30pm. The receptionists were busy attending to customers. Customers are queued in line to wait for their turn and I am one of them. The receptionist did the explanation on the services and facilities available and customer to sign in and pay at the counter on the spot. Once payment is made, we are given the wristband tag. The wristband tag serves as a key for the locker and also a payment record when you order at the in-house café. The records will then reflect at the system and payment to be made when you return the wristband tag to collect your shoes locker key. So much convenient, right?

The wristband tag with Locker Number:  blue one for Male and the red one for Female
The wristband tag with Locker Number: blue one for Male and the red one for Female

So, I collected my wristband tag and proceed to woman’s changing and locker room. Before that, there will be a counter for collection of disposable undergarments, 1 small towel, 1 big towel and a choice of yukata. Then, proceed to the changing room to get change. It was my first time trying here and I am quite shy. So, I wore the disposable undergarment for bra and panties to go in for onsen. I felt shy and uncomfortable initially but surprisingly some of the ladies went in naked. After a while, I get used to it though. Perhaps I will try naked on my next visit.
Yunomori Onsen & Spa Kallang Wave Singapore-Yukata
Once I am done, I get bath and changed to Yukata to get ready for my spa. There is an instruction manual to guide you to wear Yukata so no worries on that.
I would say almost everything is provided at Yumonori so no worries going in empty handed. I am sure you will walk out feeling refresh and good. And the location is so convenient within a walking distance from Stadium MRT Station. To get to Yunomori, you walk all the way to the mall and find NTUC Xtra. Take the escalator (next to a bakery) to level 2. Then, there is an escalator that takes you to the spa. There are also signage appearing at the mall that lead you to the location. So, you will not have difficulties searching for it.

Onsen Entrance Fees
Adult – S$38.00+ ( S$40.66 inclusive of GST)
Child (15 years old and below) / Senior Citizen (65 years old and above) –S$28.00+ (S$29.96 inclusive of GST)

Do share your onsen experience with me too! Or read why this would be your next Favourite Place for activities.

Yunomori Onsen & Spa
Kallang Wave Mall
1 Stadium Place
Singapore 397628
(Take escalator near the exit of Fairprice up to level 2; Carpark B Area 3/4)
Tel: 6386 4126 / 6385 7985
Email: info@yunomorionsen.com.sg
Operating hours: 10:00AM – 11:00PM

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