Everyone has been raving and showing off the desserts from After You Dessert Café on social media. I finally have the chance to try it during my trip to Bangkok recently. After You Dessert Café is well-known with Japanese-styled desserts, cakes and snacks in Thailand. They are a chain of dessert cafes in Bangkok and I went to the branch located at Central World. It was the worst decision ever because we waited for an hour plus in queue. Terrible right? My friends all laughed at me because none of them queue for After You Café. What a luck!

So, the one at Central World was so overwhelming that everyone just stand outside the café waiting for the turn. There is the Baked Cheese Tart store right in front of the café and there wasn’t a queue at all. For those who are travelling to Bangkok soon, you can get it from the store without queuing.

Note for those who are queuing for the dessert, take the queue number and wait for your turn. There is an indication that if you missed your number, you will have to re-take your number and wait again. So, be alert on the number on the screen!

Here’s the quick snap of the menu.

Mango Sticky Rice Kakigori- 265 Thai Baht ~ S$10.35

The current trending dessert in Bangkok with the instagram-worthy photo bomb is the Mango Sticky Rice Kakigori. This is a seasonal dessert and we are in treat. The dessert consists of ice shaving with coconut milk cream, fresh mango cubes and mango sauce. It’s like having icy mango sticky rice and yet the sweetness pleased everyone’s taste bud.

Shibuya Honey Toast – 185 Thai Baht ~ S$7.30

This is one of the signature desserts and basically every table will have this. The toasted bread topped with honey sauce and ice-cream and whipped cream. The toasted bread was crispy on the outer and fluffy in the inside. It goes pretty well with the ice-cream and the buttery taste was not overwhelming. It is best to share your calories with friends and at the same time checking out other desserts.

Giant Chocolate Lava Cake – 245 Thai Baht ~ S$9.57

Luckily my travel mate decided to order this. It was delicious! The moment the chocolate flows out from the lava cake, everyone went ‘Wow’. The dessert finished in split seconds.

Queen Fudge Cake – 165 Thai Baht~ S$6.45

Not quite a fan of this as the fudge cake was quite sweet for my preference. Nevertheless, the cake has a good layering of sweetness taste in it. Once you paired it with a scoop of ice-cream, you can balance off the cake sweetness.

Despite the crowd, the staffs were professional. They responded diligently and put on smile in front of customer. The serving time was pretty fast too and yet the taste of the desserts is pretty satisfying. You know la sometimes when the restaurant or café gets pretty crowded, the food can be pretty bad. Kudos to the strong team! Although it was quite good and instagram-worthy, I will not queue for that long anymore. I would advise you guys to go other branch rather than Central World because the waiting time is long.

After You Dessert Café
Address:7th Floor Central World Plaza
Pathum Wan
Bangkok 10330
Opening Hours: 10:00AM – 10:00PM Daily

Check out their website for the location of the respective branches.

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