Yeah just like what my title post stated, Froth has new home located at The Ascott Raffles Place. Their previous location was in Big Hotel which I blogged about it sometime ago. This new place has bigger seating -140 seater restaurant size. On top of this, it has a new facelift with ‘atas’ ambience and setting with new menu creation from Chef Derrick Ow. Chef Derrick Ow uses his unconventional culinary techniques to create western classics with local fair to diners.
Froth The Ascott Raffles Place

Froth The Ascott Raffles Place-1
Enough said. Let’s move on the dishes that I tried:

Hot & Cold Foie Gras S$23.90++
Froth The Ascott Raffles Place-Hot & Cold Foie Gras
Pan seared foie gras on toasted brioche with pomegranate and truffle honey apple reduction was my favourite appetizer to start off. Next to it is the chilled foie gras on crushed sable with kiwi, celery and granny smith slaw was quite an experience. As you slice it open, you can expect oozed kiwi lava which mine didn’t flow. The taste was quite refreshing and creamy touch.

Lobster Jelly S$22.90++
Froth The Ascott Raffles Place-Lobster Jelly
This visual appealing appetizer does stimulate our taste bud from its presentation. Chilled lobster chunks with tomato jelly, marinated vine cherry tomatoes, wasabi and ginger powder, edible flowers and cresses.

Five Spice Wagyu Patty Burger S$34.90++
Froth The Ascott Raffles Place-Five Spice Wagyu Patty Burger

Froth The Ascott Raffles Place-Five Spice Wagyu Patty Burger-1
Not your usual burger fare but this is made with homemade five spice wagyu patty wrapped in crispy beancurd skin with baby arugula and tomatoes on a soft brioche burger bun. I would say it is an interesting creation by the chef and touch of Chinese fare in it. It’s like having ngoh hiang with ang mo bread.

Seafood Tom Yum Risotto S$29.90++
Froth The Ascott Raffles Place-Seafood Tom Yum Risotto.
Not your usual risotto as well as this plate of seafood ingredients and tom tum pumpkin risotto. The seafood ingredients include tiger prawns, flower clams and squid. The infused tom yum flavour in the risotto was quite strong especially after taste. It would be a new dish for tom yum lovers to explore.

Sio Bak Aglio S$25.90++
Froth The Ascott Raffles Place-Sio Bak Aglio
Linguine served with homemade slow roasted pork belly crackling and pork jerky. The pork belly skin was indeed crackling loud the moment we put into our mouth. The pork jerky slices were quite addicted by its own with the tint of sweetness in it. As for the linguine, I find it slightly bland by its own but little did I expect, the spiciness taste came after that.

Ponzu Soya Cod S$35.90++
Froth The Ascott Raffles Place-Ponzu Soya Cod
This dish was the crowd pleaser that night. Glazed cod cooked using the sous vide technique followed by 45 degree Celsius water bath for 50minutes and paired with ponzu and sesame soy glaze served with wasabi edamame puree, smoked mash, baby peaches and bok choy. Thus, this explains the smooth and soft texture of the meat. And baby peaches were sweet and enticing flavours to round out the dish.

French Toast Waffles S$16.90++
Froth The Ascott Raffles Place-French Toast Waffles
Froth is known with its taro waffles when they started. And for the latest creation, they have waffle coated with French toast batter, deep fried to perfection. Then drizzled with condensed milk and topped off with cereal flakes and a scoop of ice-cream. The banana fritters in ball shape were served together that enhances the sweetness of the dessert. The coated and fried waffles were crispy crust and compliment well with the ice-cream. It would be best to have 2 scoops of ice-cream because by the time we finish the ice-cream, we still have leftover waffles.

As a whole, there are hit and misses dishes here in Froth. Their new location has an impression of ‘atas’ dining which I think it is a split of identity for Froth. Why? It’s purely because when I think of Froth, it is a café casual dining. Nevertheless, if you are seeking for adventurous casual dining experience, Froth may be your next list.
[googlemaps https://www.google.com/maps/embed?pb=!1m18!1m12!1m3!1d63819.98846404625!2d103.82191868885334!3d1.3263801619739126!2m3!1f0!2f0!3f0!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!3m3!1m2!1s0x31da190e8e9fa0c7%3A0x722a75e5b5420073!2sFroth+Cafe!5e0!3m2!1sen!2ssg!4v1467276082820&w=600&h=450]
The Ascott Raffles Place Singapore
2 Finlayson Green
Singapore 049247
Tel:+65 65093589
Website: http://froth.sg/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/froth.sg/
Opening Hours: Daily 11:30AM – 10:00PM

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