Time flies! My first Somboon seafood experience was in year 2012 with my family. I did not expect that I am back here again in year 2016 with my fellow high school friends. This time round, we made a reservation beforehand. The whole place looks exactly the same like 4 years ago expect for the staffs perhaps. The exterior and interior of the restaurant remain unchanged since my last visit.

 Anyway, just to share that you will see Somboon Chinese Restaurant (Somboon’s sister restaurant) first. Do not get mix up on the signage and walk into Soi Chula 8 to the real Somboon Restaurant. The signage is huge enough to get your attention.

Since our group consists of 8 people, I get to try more dishes this time. So, check out the dishes we ordered to feast!

Signature Fried Curry Crab – 380 Thai Baht (S) | 550 Thai Baht (M) | 1000-1200 Thai Baht (L)
 The signature Somboon crab which is a must-try dish to order. Each table will surely have this served. The taste was still the same from the first time I tried. The sauce has the tint of sweetness and mild in flavour. Having said that, not everyone love the taste because one of my senior commented that the taste was not strong enough and only can taste the sweetness in it. All I could say its personal taste bud. The crab meat was juicy and sweet in another hand. The sauce was whipped out within minutes because everyone enjoyed it with plain white rice.

Roasted Fresh Water Prawns with Glass Noodle in Hot Pot (with pork) – 300 Thai Baht (S) | 580 Thai Baht(L)
 The prawns were indeed big and juicy. As for the glass noodles, it was dense and springy. It was all on point.

Tom Yum Goong (Hot & Sour Spicy Soup ) -300 Thai Baht (S) | 500 Thai Baht (L)
 The tom yum goong here was not bad but not the best we had.

Stir-fried morning glory with garlic and chilli -140 Thai Baht (S) | 200 Thai Baht (L)

Stir-fried “Gra-shed” with garlic and chilli -140 Thai Baht (S) | 200 Thai Baht (L)

Steamed Freshwater Prawns with Garlic – 450 Thai Baht (S) | 900 Thai Baht (L)
 It was huge tiger prawns steamed with lots of garlic on top that compliments well.

Steamed Grouper– 100 Thai Baht/100g

Stir-fried oyster with flour and egg in hot plate – 260Thai Baht
 Not the usual fried oyster egg we had back in Singapore and Malaysia. Their version is more starchy and the oysters are bigger in size.

Fried Chicken with cashew nut, onion and dried chilli – 140 Thai Baht (S) | 200 Thai Baht (L)

Grilled Squid – 180 Thai Baht (S) | 260 Thai Baht (L)

Coconut and Mango Frappe 90 Thai Baht /cup

If you ask me what drinks to recommend here, i would definitely say Frappe! Somboon frappe is the best. The ice was grinded smoothly and you can literary taste the fruit’s original taste. It is so perfect for a hot weather.

The total bill for our dinner was 5,500 Thai Baht ~ S$214.84 inclusive of service charge. So if you do a bit of calculation, one person only paid S$26.85 for the whole meal with seafoods. It was quite a good deal with the quality of the food and drinks. If my next trip with another group of friends, I will definitely bring them here.

On the side note, Somboon Seafood is available only in Bangkok. There are only 5 branches. I still remember my first trip with my family, the drivers tried to trick us to the fake restaurant to earn commission from it. Thus, always beware and alert on the authentic Somboon Seafood Restaurant.

Somboon Restaurant
895/6-21 Soi Chula 8, Bantadthong Rd.,
Wangmai, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330
Tel: 02-216-4203-5
169,169/7-12 Surawong Rd.,
Suriyawong, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500
Tel: 02-233-3104
167/9-12 Huay-Kwang Intersection,
Ratchadapisek Rd., DinDeang, Bangkok 10320
Tel: 02-692-6850-3
26 UdomSuk 60, Sukhumvit 103 Rd.,
NongBon, Pravet, Bangkok 10250
Tel: 02-746-6850-3
Opening Hours: 4:00PM – 11:30PM (Daily)
315 Chamchuri Square Building, Room
101-102-103 Ground fl., Phya Thai Rd.,
Patumwan, Bangkok 10330
Tel: 02-160-5100
Opening Hours: 11:00AM – 9:00PM

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