Shashlik is my pre-birthday celebration dinner location this year with my seniors.We were introduced by one of my senior that this restaurant is used to be one of the favourite dining places for Mr Lee Kuan Yew and his son. This Russo- Hainanese restaurant was closed in November 2015 and reopened this year. Our first impression was quite skeptical and as we head into the mall and up the lift to level 6, we were greeted with a smile by the service staff.

 As I stepped into the restaurant, I noticed that most of the diners were the elderly group. The restaurant is cosy and has a sense of nostalgic elements in it. The staffs are all in uniforms and pushing the carts serving each table like Hong Kong dim sum style. We were treated with complimentary school bread bun before our main course is served.

We ordered the Signature Borshch Soup which my senior raved about. It was indeed flavourful and there is an even chunk of beef shank in it. You can request to top with sour cream for the creamy taste. Too bad I was not quick enough to snap a picture of the soup.
 My senior ordered Shashlik of Beef S$32.00++ which is their signature dish. It was served in beef skewers on the cart before the service staff presented on the table with separate sides. The beef was indeed tender and juicy but my senior prefers to have sauce in it as it was tad dry for his liking.
 I ordered the Sirloin Steak 220g S$28.00++ that comes with the wedges, broccoli and also coleslaw as the sides. The steak comes with a choice of sauce and I decided to have it with black pepper sauce on the sizzling plate. If you were to ask me to choose, I would prefer to order Shashlik for the tenderness of the meat.

Since I told them not to buy me any cake, we decided to order the famous Baked Alaska S$24.00++ to consider as my birthday cake. Baked Alaska has a rich vanilla ice-cream inside with the sponge cake. The staff will light up the flaming rum and pour over the cake. It was indeed a highlight of the night.
 We also ordered Cherry Jubilee S$20.00++ where the staff will cook the cherry with the flaming fire performance before it is ready to serve on the table. It was indeed a pleasure watching performance from the service staff. The cherry Jubilee comes with a scoop of ice-cream to go with the cheeries flambéed with liqueur.
 I could foresee myself visiting the restaurant again to check out their other desserts and performance. We had 9 pax and I didn’t manage to take every single food photos and tasted as well. So, I will definitely re-visit to experience more. The traditional brand truly holds on the way they present their cuisines. I trust this holds the memories of many older generations of Singaporean too.

Shashlik Restaurant
Address: 545 Orchard Road
#06-19 Far East Shopping Centre
Singapore 238882
Tel: +65 6732 6401

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