UNA at One Rochester welcomes the new Executive Chef, Antonio Oviedo who was very young and talented. Chef Antonio Oviedo was under the tutelage of 2 world’s best chef whose restaurant was Michelin stars awarded. I was quite excited to check out the new revamp menu happening at UNA, the Spanish restaurant located within a walking distance from Buona Vista MRT station.

Let me walk you through the savory and sweet delicacies in this post.
1. Encurtidos S$10.00
 Either you like it or hate it. Encurtidos is a dish of olives and peppers which is not a crowd pleaser.

2. Croquetas De Jamon Iberico S$14.00 ( 4pcs)
 Crispy exterior with creamy in the inside with Iberico Ham was indeed a good start for the meal.

3. Gambas Al Ajillo S$22.00
 Tiger prawns sautéed in olive oil, garlic, chilli and parsley.

4. Pulpo A la Parrilla Con Papas Arrugadas Y Mojo S$32.00
 Smoky grilled octopus served with baby potatoes and purple sweet potatoes. The octopus was chewy in texture and the sweetness of the potatoes gives a sweet note for the dish.

5. Fideua De Calamares S$20.00
 Our favourite dish I would say. The Spanish noodle paella dish was indeed pleasant in visual and taste buds. It was addictive enough that I couldn’t stop at all.

6. Ensalada De Verano S$24.00
 Salad starter with cherry tomatoes served with charred cucumbers and fresh Burrata cheese. My favourite burrata cheese with the juicy tomatoes.

7. Ensalada Cesar S$26.00
 This is an interesting Spanish Caesar salad served with grilled Spanish Sucrine lettuce,Idiazabal cheese foam, smoked anchovies and pomegranate. Each ingredients has its own characteristics.

8. Pluma Iberica S$38.00
 Grilled pork with lightly char enhanced the umami flavour of the meat served with padron peppers and creamy pumpkin.

9. Paella De Chorizo Y Habitas S$46.00 (S) / S$66.00 (L)
 The paella served with chorizo, fava beans, saffron and aioli (mediterranean sauce made of garlic and olive oil). This is best for sharing for 3-4 pax portion.

10. Arroz Negro S$52.00 (S) / S$72.00 (L)
 This is a Valencian and Catalan dish made with seafood and black rice which is similar to seafood paella. I learnt the term when I goggle the name of the dish. The taste and texture is similar to paella in a way.

11. Queso Fresco Calabaza Y Membrillo S$14.00
 Fresh cheese mousse with quince and walnuts paired with roasted pumpkin ice-cream. The cheese mousse and roasted pumpkin ice-cream have their own distinctive flavour. The combination seems not work for my tastebud though.

12. Fruta de La Pasion, Fresa Y Aloe Vera S$16.00
 If you are fruity person, give this a try. A combination of sour flavour from passionfruit and the refreshing bites from the aloe vera.

13. Churros Con Chocolate Café S$14.00
 My favourite dessert and no wonder reviews mentioned that UNA has one of the best Churros in Singapore. But I do admit that the price is at the high end side but the size of the churros was big though. The churros texture was crispy and airy and dip it with the dark chocolate and coffee foam was on point.

There are hit and misses from the dishes we tried but of course it is subject to individual preference. The dish created by the young and talented chef was indeed distinctive and you can taste the elements of the ingredients individually. It was a great night with good companions as well.

[This is a media session.]

UNA at One Rochester
Address: 10 Rochester Drive
Singapore 139212
Tel: +65 6773 0070
Opening Hours:
Monday – Tuesday 5:00PM-11:00PM
Wednesday – Friday 12:00PM – 3:00PM | 5:00PM-11:00PM
Sunday 11:00AM – 3:00PM (Last order 2:30PM)

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