Stellar at 1-Altitude has a breathtaking dining location where diners get to enjoy gastronomy dishes with a gorgeous view of business district of Singapore. The amazing view from 62nd storey was simply gorgeous during the day and night time. Diners like you can enjoy the Kokumi Constellation 8-Course Menu by Chef Christopher Millar, focusing on ingredients from Kyoto and Hokkaido til 15 September this month. Now you can have an excuse to date your loved ones to dine at Stellar 1-Altitude this September.
Stellar 1-Altitude-Chef Christopher Millar

Stellar 1-Altitude- Singapore Restaurant
Where does Chef Christopher Millar’s inspiration come from?
Chef Christopher Millar who heads Stellar recently travelled to Japan in a special 4-hands collaborations with fellow Krug Ambassade, Yosuke Suga in Sugalabo, was inspired by many ingredients during his travel. Focusing on ingredients from Kyoto and Hokkaido, Chef Christopher Millar has crafted a special menu in his signature progressive Australian style which is in tune with his belief in clean flavourful ingredient driven dishes.

We started off with amuse bouches.
Stellar 1-Altitude-amuse bouche
Clear Fish Consomme | Herbal “tea bag’ | fading dashi capsule
Stellar 1 Altitude-Kokumi Constellations Menu- Tea Ceremony
Indeed a light, flavorful and comforting broth to start the dish rolling.

Hamachi | Shoyu Jelly| Edible Fish net| Edible flowers
Stellar 1-Altitude-Kokumi Constellations Menu-Hamachi-Shoyu Jelly
Pretty presentation with innovative idea to serve the shoyu in jelly form and placed the raw slice of hamachi on top of it.

Hokkaido Oyster Custard| Uni | Nasturtium
Stellar 1-Altitude-Kokumi Constellations Menu-1
Luxury egg custard with tint of peppery from nasturtium and fresh succulent oyster and uni for a taste of sea. I wish I can have second servings.

Foie gras | Japanese eggplant | “mochi’ brioche
Stellar 1-Altitude-Kokumi Constellations Menu-Pan Fried Foie Gras
Mini-bite size burger shape foie gras sandwiched in between brioche was on point. Every detailing was exquisite. I am in love with the softness of the brioche and the silky rich foie gras.

Stellar 1-Altitude-Kokumi Constellations Menu-Banka Trout
Banka trout | ikura| kombu| carrot ‘coil’ | prawn oil| yuzu
Beautifully presented like a art piece especially the carrot was beautifully coiled. The fish was moist and the taste of the banka trout was quite distinctive. What I enjoyed most is the crisp texture of the carrot that can be quite addictive.

Stellar 1-Altitude-Kokumi Constellations Menu-Japanese Sardine
Japanese sardine| Momotaro tomato “ratatouille” | Parmesan
To be honest, I was quite sceptical with sardine dish. Oh boy! This proved me wrong. The fishiness was not overpowering and the combination with the tomatoes sweetness and parmesan cheese works wonder.

Stellar 1-Altitude-Kokumi Constellations Menu-Josper Wagyu Beef
Josper grilled wagyu A5 rib eye | edamame | orange anticucho sauce| sweet potato | mushroom | pickled and caramelized shallot
My personal favourite dish of the night. The wagyu beef was nicely smoked to brown and the inner meat remain fleshy red was tender, moist and soft. Along with the sides are the purple sweet potato puree and caramelized shallot and mushrooms to complete the meal.

Stellar 1-Altitude-White Peach Lychee Sorbet-Kokumi Constellations Menu

Candid shot of Pastry Chef Jasmine at work
Candid shot of Pastry Chef Jasmine at work

White peach lychee sorbet | Compressed peach | Sauternes| berries
The dessert ended a sweet note of the meal. The dessert served in a glass shape made with ice and filled with white peach lychee sorbet , medley of fruits, edible flowers and berries. It was beautiful piece of dessert art presented by pastry chef, Jasmin Chew. It was indeed a refreshing and memorable floral fruity dessert I ever had.
Stellar 1-Altitude-Kokumi Constellations Menu-2
And of course small confectionery like a Singapore Flyer shaped served to cleanse our palate.
Stellar 1-Altitude-Kokumi Constellations Menu-Singapore Restaurant
Each dish is specially crafted by Chef Christopher Millar and he is careful in selecting the freshness and quality of the ingredients to ensure the best is served on the table. The great team in Stellar did a great job in delivering their best to the diners.
And of course not forgetting the amazing view from the restaurant that enhance the dining experience.


The Kokumi Constellation 8-Course Menu is available from now till 15 September 2016 priced at S$190.00++ and Wine Pairing S$119.00++

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