When I received an invite to Maziga Indian Bar & Grill, first thing is my mind is that “ Wow, Indian Bar”. It’s my virgin experience to an Indian bar and this got me excited. So, Maziga located at the nightlife district of Clark Quay that plays loud Hindi music to heat up the dining and bar atmosphere.

We were here to explore the creation of Chef Javed Ahamad on creating innovative and creative traditional Indian food

Masala Pasta Fries – S$9.50
Italian spirali pasta deep-fried with masala spices is quite an addictive and crunchy snack. It has the murukku texture.

Tava Grilled Bhavnagri chillies stuffed with Amul Cheddar Cheese- S$9.90
Similar to Mexican stuffed poblano chilli peppers but this is the Indian version with Indian spices.

Sweet & Sour Soya Glazed Tandoori Jerky Lamb Ribs- S$24.90
Thick spices and soya glazed over the meat and I personally felt that the taste was too overpowering. Nevertheless, the flavours are rich and the meat was cooked well.

Amritsar Fish & Chips- S$9.50
 Fried fish with spiced batter crust where the Indian spices are used here.

Naan Pizza- S$12.50

Old Delhi Golgappa Chaat with Chilied Jaljeera Oxide- S$12.90
This is an improvised version of Delhi street food with its grand entrance with the presentation.

Mumbai Chowpatty Beach Ragda Pattie- S$13.50
Nicely presented in the tofu-shaped and the taste resembled the Malay potato patty (bergedil) with the Indian spices.

Wok-fried Paneer Tacos- S$16.90

Red Snapper
 Although this dish does not look appealing but trust me, it was the crowd pleaser that night. The fillet cooked in a traditional Goan style and served with rich and creamy coconut sauce on a banana leaf. It would be best to enjoy it with a bowl of steamed rice.

Masala Chai Kulfi White Forest Candy Floss- S$13.90

Other the dishes, Maziga bar offers a range of Indian cocktails and mocktails. I am not an expert of cocktails and mocktails but in general, I personally feel that the drinks are in strong and bitters in taste. Not sure about your taste bud but as for me, I think the alcohol content was overpowering for me.

Generally, there are hit and misses I would say. Chef Javed had a marvellous creativity in reinventing the Indian dishes and presented in a new perspective way and taste. So, it is up to you to explore the place.

Address: #01-10/ #02-03
3C River Valley Road
The Cannery @ Clarke Quay
Singapore 179022
Tel: +65 6253 7307
Opening Hours: Daily 12:00PM – 01:00AM

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