IZY Dining & Bar located in Club Street has recently re-launch their brand and menu. IZY will be defined as a pop culture urban Izakaya serving quality Japanese-American fare and drinks. The modern Japanese Izakaya styled restaurant used to offer omakase has changed to new approach to encourage guests to forget about boundaries and experience the unreserved openness of youth with pop music, unbounded sparks of energy and liveliness.This new concept and menu helmed by Chefs Masaaki and Rintaro from Japan gives new appealing visual and savoury dishes to diners.

About IZY Dining & Bar

IZY Dining & Bar and CACHE is part of The Plum & Toro Group. It is a pop culture urban Izakaya serving quality Japanese-American fare and drinks like sake, highball and umeshu.

Here are what we had over the tasting session:
Japanese Nokke Roll S$32.00++
IZY’s signature and instagram-worthy sushi rolls that I ever seen. The heaps of fresh uni, ikura, crab meat and negitoro pilled on top of sushi rolls.

IZY Roll S$16.00++
Tempura shrimp and asparagus with baked and torched spicy crab mayo and avocado in cubes spread out on top. All I can say everything taste good with avocado and mayo.

Buta Kakuni S$12.00++
Braised pork cooked for 6 hours followed by marinating with sauce and braised for another hour to achieve the succulent tender texture.

Wagyu Truffle Don S$38.00++
Josper grilled wagyu beef and onsen egg on rice topped with fresh truffle slices. This is listed as one of the signature dish in the menu too. Josper grill method elevate the flavours of the beef and with perfect onsen egg to mix together and fresh truffle slices, you can have umami flavour within the bowl.

Bayan Cauda S$15.00++
Assorted of vegetables (yam stem, lady’s finger, long beans, radish, carrots, broccoli) made for dipping into warm white miso sauce mix, which includes onion, garlic and anchovy sauce. The house-made white miso sauce is quite addictive I would say.

Sweet potato and vanilla ice-cream S$15.00++
Sweet potato mixed with butter and ingredients before torching it and served with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. The dessert has a distinctive buttery taste and sweetness from the sweet potato and the vanilla ice-cream complement well.

Goma ice-cream & Matcha Ice cream S$7.00 each
The ice-cream here is made in-house. Refreshing and I think I am literarily eating goma (black sesame) but in cooling temperature. As for the matcha wise, I personally felt the bitterness was overwhelming. Goma ice-cream is definitely the crowd pleaser that night.

If you are looking for a chilling and cosy place with a modernized cuisine in town, IZY will be in your searching list. Alternatively, if you opt for adventurous and lively atmosphere for groups, you can always check out.

IZY Specials
Set Lunch Menu
IZY also offers set lunch menu starting at S$17.00++ from 12pm -2pm on Monday to Friday. The lunch sets offer Gyu-katsu ( rare beef cutlet) and Chicken nanban (karrage chicken coated with sweet vinegar soy sauce served with tartar sauce), all at a ballpark of S$20.00++.
Kabuki Mondays
There will be free-flow Japanese sake from 6pm to 9pm. For every 3 hours every Monday, you can immerse into the drinking culture of Japan for S$60.00. At the stroke of the surprise Kabuki Hour, highly stylized Nagauta music will signify the start of premium sakes like Junmai and Junmai Daiginjo for 60minutes.
IZY’s menu is available for delivery on Deliveroo and Ubereats.

Izy Dining & Bar
Address: 27 Club Street
Singapore 069413
Operating Hours: 12:00PM-2:00PM | Monday – Friday
6:00PM -2:00AM | Monday – Saturday
Website: www.izy.com.sg

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