Penang has been an all-time favourite short getaway destination in Malaysia for most Singaporean because of the food and culture. One of the must go places is strolling along Armenian Street in Penang for the mural arts. And usually after covering the place, the next stop will be the clan jetty in Penang.

This was taken in year 2014 during sun set

Do you know that there are approximately 6-7 waterfront settlements housing with different clans in Georgetown built in the mid-19th century? Most commonly known by the tourist is the Chew Jetty. After travelling several times to Penang, I decided to drop by to Tan clan jetty as well. So, this post is a combination of both jetties.

Both jetties are along the same main road of Pengkalan Weld so you can just hop over. The Chew Jetty is name after the surname of the clan living in the water village with wooden houses perched above the sea by stilts, a homeland for generations of the Chews. Same goes to the Lee Jetty.

However, Chew Jetty is a favourite tourist spot where some of the wooden houses have transformed to be souvenir shops and restaurants. It has been commercialized throughout the years. All thanks to Agu’s movie Ice Kacang Puppy Love and Ernest Zachaveric’s painting, this place has since booming.

Photos taken at Chew Jetty

This was taken in year 2014 during sun set

As for Lee Jetty, same cluster of wooden houses but lesser crowd and less commercialized. Most of the houses are occupied with local residents. It is much more peaceful and quiet.

Photos taken at Lee Jetty
If you are in Georgetown Penang, you can drop by to take a slow walk and enjoy the sights of their daily life here. Locals here are friendly and approachable.

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If you are interested with the history of the place, click www.visitpenang.gov.my for more information.

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