Alona Coconut located along the roadside of Jalan Ibrahim Sultan, Stulang Laut is known for its coconut drinks including milkshake. Other than their coconut drinks, their mee rebus is also one of the highlight. So, I decided to check it out on the Saturday morning. All thanks to google map, I managed to reach the destination.

There are few food stalls in Alona Coconut and only two food stalls occupied the space. One is selling mee rebus (noodle dish popular in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore with sweet curry-like gravy) and the other stall is selling mee soto (noodle dish sprinkled with fried shallots and lighter broth).

We were the first customer when we arrived around 10 plus in the morning. We looked through the menu and decided to order mee rebus special RM16.00 ~S$5.10, 2 coconut water RM6.00 each ~S$1.92 and 1 mee soto RM5.00 ~S$1.60.

Mee Rebus Special
There are few types of mee rebus including mee rebus with crab, prawns, mutton and the signature special. We ordered mee rebus special because it is their signature dish. It comes with a small crab, fried prawns, fried squid and meat balls all covered the yellow noodles up. There are slices of green chilli, egg and lime to squeeze on top of the ingredients. Unlike other mee rebus I tasted before, the gravy here is not thick and creamy version. It has the mildly sweet and savoury broth taste. I would say the ingredients are generous. If you want to try a rather different mee rebus, you can check them out. Otherwise, I still prefer my old thick, creamy mee rebus sauce with peanut crush and flowing egg yolk in Kota Tinggi.

Mee Soto
 With the price offer, I think it is rather affordable with the portion served. You can choose to have it with rice or different type of noodles.We decided to have yellow noodles. The broth colour is light and tasted mild in flavour. If you are going to have mee rebus at the same time, I would suggest you to have this first before moving on to mee rebus. Otherwise, you will find mee soto tasted bland after the strong flavour from mee rebus.

Coconut drink
See how big the coconut size.
Total bill was RM33.00 nett. They only accept cash here. So, make sure you bring enough cash for makan here in Alona Coconut. Will I be back any soon? Perhaps yes to check out their upcoming new food stalls. I would still recommend my friends to check out their unique mee rebus. The best part is that it’s halal too! So, everyone has the chance to try it.

Alona Coconut
Address: No. 69 Jalan Ibrahim Sultan,
Stulang Laut
80300 Johor Bahru.
Opening Hours:
Daily -10:00AM – 12:00AM
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alonacoconut/

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