Fruitnity located at Mount Austin, Johor Bahru has recently launched new items on their menu. My first experience with the brand was at their first outlet, Taman Perling. So the outlet in Mount Austin is located few shops away from Creamery Boutique Ice-cream Parlour. This is to give you a general idea where it is located. The café exterior is painted in pastel blue colour which is easily recognized when you pass by.  As we entered into the café, you will see a kid’s corner. It is quite rare to see kids-friendly café in Johor Bahru and Fruitnity cater for this. I personally think it is a good idea as young family with kids are open to café hopping and it is nice to know that there is a kid’s corner for their kids to move around and play.

Here is what we had over the weekend.
Big Breakfast RM23.90~S$7.66
 So, the Big Breakfast here comes with a crispy croissant and cheddar cheese in between, button mushroom, creamy scrambled egg, chicken sausage, greens and baked bean.

Basil Tomato Spaghetti RM9.90 ~S$3.17
 The spaghetti comes with tomato paste and served with scrambled egg on top and cherry tomatoes and parmesan cheese powder. For the price offered, I personally think the portion is generous. If only the tomato base can be stronger, it would be even better.

Salmon Pesto RM29.90 ~S$9.58
 Thin crusted pizza with fresh grilled salmons with herbs on top of their homemade pesto paste and cheese.It comes in 5 cheesy slices.

Baby Churros with chocolate dip RM9.90 ~S$3.17
 Baby churros coated with sugar and served with chocolate dip sauce. It is my first time trying baby churros and I would say it is suitable as a snack for adults and kids.

Rose Salt Matcha Ice-cream RM14.90 ~S$4.78
 This is rather interesting because they mix the matcha (Japanese green tea) with rose salt. You can taste the combination of sweetness, saltiness and bitterness from it. I would recommend trying this when you are here. It’s definitely a refreshing taste.

Durian Ice-Cream
 Their latest flavour which is also my favourite dessert is available in store currently due to the durian season. The durian

Cold pressed juice
Cold pressed juice is freshly made upon request to ensure the freshness of the drink. The price starts from RM13.90 onwards ~S$4.46 per bottle.

Dragon fruit Yogurt RM15.90 ~S$5.10
 They also serve fruits yogurt and milkshakes. In frame is the dragon fruit yogurt drink.

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Fruitnity Plus
Address:45, Jalan Austin Height 8/3,
Taman Austin Height,
81100 Johor Bahru.
Opening Hours: 11:00AM – 11:00PM
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fruitnity/

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