I am back with my Bangkok food post again. During my recent visit, I visited this hidden gem place called Peace Oriental Teahouse. It is few minutes walk away from Rocket Coffee Bar and it is just opposite Starbucks. Hope this gives you a general idea when you want to visit them during your stay in Bangkok.
My first impression was “Wow! Legit Japanese Teahouse and the owner must be Japanese”. As we spoke to the staff, he shared that the owner is actual local. The owner has a love and interest about tea leaves and that’s how he turned his passion and interest to business opportunities.
 If only I have extra time, I will definitely spend the whole afternoon here because the whole place is quiet and in zen mode the moment you step in. There is a tatami corner, window seats and bar table. We decided to sit at the bar table to see how the staff works on wonder on our drinks and desserts.
 The menu is shown on the huge board on the wall which includes matcha, sencha, houji cha and Chinese oolong and read tea. There is also a corner where they display teapots and accessories related to tea.

Here is what we ordered:
Matcha Extremist THB 285 ~S$11.40
 Instagram-worthy dessert that is all over the instagram feed which we are excited to try. The black charcoal crust ball shaped on the outer layer and matcha ice-cream in it tasted umami. The matcha ice-cream is smooth in texture and it goes well with the black charcoal. I wish we can have the second serving but it is quite a pricey dessert.

Koicha Cream THB285 ~S$11.40
This dessert comes in a scoop of milk ice-cream in the middle and surrounded with green matcha sauce and black glutinous rice at the side. The combination has a well-balanced of flavours. We can take the sweetness from the ice-cream and bitterness from the matcha sauce.

As we finished off the ice-cream, there are still leftover matcha sauce and the staff gave us the grinder tool to whisk the matcha sauce with the melted milk ice-cream. We finished off everything.

Gyokuro (King of Japanese Tea) THB450~S$18.00
 We decided to give this a try. It comes in 3 portions- chilled, warm and tea leaves. Gyokuro is one of the higher range of sencha in Japan. The preparation is also different from other green tea and there is specific brewing temperature for the tea. The first take is the chilled version that has the intense umami flavour. Followed by the warm version where the taste is lighter as compared from the first cup. Lastly, we had the tea leaves which looks like seaweed and added yuzu flavouring onto it.

This gives me a new perspective of matcha/ green tea.There is so much knowledge about the tea and the matcha here is sophisticated and special that I had experienced before. The staff here is knowledgeable and willing to share more about the art of tea to customers. Although the price tag here is quite steep, I would recommend you to come here at least one to give it a try. My friend who went Bangkok recently also visited the place. She was amazed with it. #truestory

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和 ピース Peace – Oriental Teahouse
Address: 47 Sukhumvit 49
Bangkok, Thailand
Opening Hours:
Monday- Friday 7:00AM – 9:00PM
Saturday- Sunday 10:00AM-9:00PM
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/peace.t.house.sukhumvit49

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