[SG EATS] CAPELLA SINGAPORE welcomes Tokyo-based award-winning guest chef Olivier Rodriguez – 14 to 16 April 2017

Capella Singapore is adopting a wholesome approach this year as the island resort launches a series of wellness initiatives that caters to like-minded individuals. From yoga retreats to healthier food menus, the hotel is kick starting the healthful campaign with a creative food festival featuring award-winning French guest chef Olivier Rodriguez from 14 to 16 April.

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Presenting his creative interpretation of Mediterranean cuisine, Chef Olivier is reuniting with his long lost friend, Capella Singapore’s Culinary Director, David Senia. Diners will be delighted with three days of gourmet experiences at The Knolls, including an intimate MasterClass at Chef’s Table, as well as a highly anticipated annual Easter Sunday Brunch with a live demonstration by the celebrated chef.

“Capella Singapore is excited to embark on this holistic journey this year. There is no other venue in the little red dot that can provide a well-rounded wellness experience as we do. Located in a tranquil and peaceful setting, Capella Singapore offers guests a relaxing holiday while enjoying healthier food options,” said Chef David Senia, Director of Culinary of Capella Singapore.

“With an increased emphasis on health-conscious living, Singapore diners are now seeking gastronomic fare that is both delicious and nourishing. Having crossed paths with my dear friend 22 years ago in Hotel Negresco, I am excited to reunite and work with Olivier once again, to introduce his revolutionary genre of healthy Mediterranean cuisine to our esteemed guests,” added Chef David.

Coulicious – coulis and delicious

Helming & éclé, a neo-bistro restaurant in Tokyo, Chef Olivier’s interpretation of gastronomy revolves around dishes that reflect a harmony of tastes, texture, flavours and colours. The new genre of rice-inspired cuisine, Coulicious reinvents the way Japanese rice is used in dishes. Instead of using rich sauces, his dishes are paired with a unique coulis, a thick vegetable- or fruit-based sauce in French. His multi-coloured specialities are masterfully created using French and Italian classical cooking techniques, focusing on pureness and clarity.

Renowned for his artistic skills and style, Chef Olivier started his culinary adventure at the age of 18 and had worked in various Michelin-starred restaurants including Le Chantecler at Hotel Negresco in Nice and Les Jardins de Opéra in Toulouse. His latest stint before his current role was opening the Signature restaurant in Mandarin Oriental Tokyo, where he obtained and sustained a one-star rating in the Michelin Guide for seven years.

Spirit of Sharing

Spices-flavored Whole Rice with beef coulis, beet and aromatic herbs

Black Rice with white asparagus coulis, sauted asparagus and squid

Red wine stewed beef cheek on black olive flavoured “gin no mikazuki”rice wwith carrot coulis

Displaying his love for sharing, Chef Olivier’s customised menus at The Knolls will see groups of two and above enjoying different dishes falling within the same course. Using local ingredients, the chef will feature his best daily choices for both lunch (12:00pm to 2:00pm) and dinner (6:30pm to 10:00pm) in either four- or five-course options.
Some of the mains served for lunch and dinner.
Top L: Cumin-crusted turbo fillet with chickenpea crepe and eggplant coulis.
Top R: Pan-fried herring fillet, seared leetuce and capers with spring onion coulis.
Bottom L: Kyushu grilled beef loin with fiddlehead and morel jus.

Diners can also look forward to wowing their palates with the chef’s signature Coulicious dishes showcasing his impressive culinary finesse. His Spices-flavoured Whole Rice served with Beet Coulis, Beet and Aromatic Herbs uses Mizukagami Organic Rice that is cooked al dente with black spices and red wine. Here, the tastes of classic French ingredients perfectly complement the subtle sourness of the beet aromatic herb salad.
L: M.Matsubara’s ricotta/ spring vegetable composition & green tomato coulis.
R: Steamed Apple and Foie Gras with dry fruit compote and cardamom-flavored apple coulis.

Another must try is his signature hot appetiser, Steamed Apple and Foie Gras served with Dry Fruit Compote and Cardamom-flavoured Apple Coulis, where the chef succeeds in making an unconventional light dish of sauteed foie gras, harmoniously balancing a fruity flavour with tastes of sour and sweet.

Easter Brunch with a healthy twist

Chef Olivier’s dining series ends on a high note as Capella Singapore presents its annual Easter Sunday Brunch affair on 16 April at its Grand Ballroom Foyer. Enhancing the gastronomic brunch spread with Chef Ollivier’s signature dishes, attendees will see chef perform live, adding a touch of interaction to the uniquely Capella gourmet experience.

This Easter Sunday Brunch invites guests to bask in the natural splendour of tropical greenery while partaking in exciting festive activities. Celebrating Easter as a family, children can enjoy their dedicated food stations on this fun-filled Sunday with activities including egg decorating, face painting and an Easter Egg Hunt on the hotel’s sprawling front lawn.

Read about my last year visit for Easter Brunch at The Knolls.

The Essence of Coulicious MasterClass

Those looking to recreate Chef Olivier’s unique cuisine at home can opt for the one and only masterclass on 14 April, 10:00am. Held at the Chef’s Table that offers utmost comfort and elegance, the intimate setting allows cooking enthusiasts to interact with Chef Olivier during his food demonstration. Participants will also have the chance to enjoy a 3-course set lunch after the class at Chef’s Table.

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