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During my last Tokyo trip, E was asking to decide whether to go Tokyo Disneyland or hiking. I was contemplating between two options and finally decide to explore Mount Takao. So, that is another reason for me to visit Tokyo again because I haven’t been to Tokyo Disneyland yet.
Nevertheless I have a fun day trip here in Mt. Takao. Mt. Takao is situated an hour journey by train from downtown Tokyo. We decided to visit here a night before because we wanted to have the best weather when we are there. True enough; the weather was perfect for some nice scenery view.

Mt. Takao is a mountain in the city of Hachioji, on the far western edge of the Tokyo Metropolitan District. Standing 599 metres tall, Mt. Takao has been regarded as a sacred mountain for over a thousand years. It is both a religious destination and a popular hiking spot with more than 2.5million annual visitors.
In 2007, it received the maximum three stars from Michelin’s travel guide book, Voyager Pratique Japan.

The travelling time by Keio Line from Shinjuku to Takaosanguchi station will take approximately 50 minutes time. You will reach at the base of the mountain.
Alternatively, you can take JR Chuo Line to Takao Station and transfer to Keio Line for one more stop.


Close up shot of the hiking trails

There are 6 hiking trails from climbing up the mountain or taking cable car. As you step out from the train station, there is a huge signboard indicating the alternative routes to the summit.

 We took the chairlift to halfway up the mountain and avoid the steepest part of the trail. The tickets are available at the counter ticket and you can opt to purchase round trip ticket at the same time. There is also a machine where you can purchase it directly instead from the counter.

The machine to purchase the chairlift ticket

It was quite adventurous. There is no bar across our lap and it is just a seat without any protection. It was kinda scary for me and I didn’t dare to move and sit still towards the end of the journey. It is dangling high above the mountain!

Upon arriving halfway through the mountain named “Beer Mount”, there are shops and restaurants selling souvenirs, food and drinks. We decided to have our lunch at one of the restaurant served onden. We got a seat facing the scenery while enjoying our lunch.


We also tried the softserve and the famous snack, Sanpuku Sango (三福だんご). It is available at most of the stalls. They are chewy and has the similarities with mochi. But what is so special with the dango here? These are being roasted over fire before brushed with sweet and savoury sauce.

Monkey Park

The Monkey Park is just within the area at the botanical garden. We did not stop by to explore the place.
Shortly after we passed through the centuries’ old cedar trees, the trail splits. The left-hand trail is steeper with stairs and the right-hand trail is longer with gradual ascent. Both lead to the same place. We decided to go by the right-hand trail.
Moving on is the Yakuo-in temple. The Buddhist temple has a long way history. We walked pass the temple and follow the sign boards to head to summit.

Finally arrived to the summit and took the mandatory shot for memory keepsake. There are quite a number of people when we arrived. Some of them were having picnic session. There are photographers waiting at a spot to capture the sunset view.

Different kind of trails will lead you to different attraction places. It was a day trip for me and I didn’t manage to explore all the attractions. But I was blessed with the amazing view from the summit. So, this is how the day went for me.

If you are visiting Tokyo and wish to have adventurous moment, why not have an excursion to Mt. Takao-san? As for me, I enjoyed the nature environment with a cooling weather.

1. If you planning for a full day trip, I would suggest you to reach around 9-10plus in the morning and start exploring with the choice of hiking trails.
2. Remember to bring water and some snacks to enjoy at the summit. Alternatively, you can still buy your food and drinks from the stalls.
3. Take note on the timing of the cable car and chair lift if you are planning to take. The timing is depending on the season and day of the week. It is better to plan your timing ahead.
4. It is not advisable to wear high heels to hike. Put on comfortable shoes and be prepared to walk quite a distance.

Official Website: http://www.takaotozan.co.jp/

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