[SG EATS] Kappou Japanese Sushi Tapas Bar- Be Amazed By The Lady Chef Aeron

So when E asked me where to have dinner for the weekend, I proposed Kappou. He was hesitated when I proposed but eventually decided to give it a try. This is because most of the Japanese restaurants are usually by males. Lucky me! I managed to make a reservation a day before the dinner at 6pm. Kappou Sushi Tapas Bar is a 12-seater restaurant located at the second level of Fortune Centre. Helmed by Chef Aeron, the restaurant offers omakase in 3 pricing – S$68.00+ , S$98.00+ & S$128.00+. We decided on the S$68.00+ omakase that night.  Here are the delicate dishes we tried that night including the complimentary dishes before our dessert:
 As we started our omakase journey with Chef Aeron, she shared on her preparation of the aged sushi and also her journey becoming a chef. Each dish is beautifully curate with umami flavours. The mini chirashi was so cute in presentation in which we couldn’t help taking few photos of it. And I must highlight that the bowl of oden was amazingly good. E was raving about the Ajitsuke tamago even after the meal. Chef Aeron also shared that she took years to finally figure out the proportion of 3 different types of rice to make the sushi rice. Such details are taken into consideration.
 We get to learn bits of the aged sushi along the way. Apart of the delicacies that we tried, we are also touched with her life journey story. She started her reality world at the age of 14 where most of us are still in school. This amazed me on how the life journey shapes her mentality and personalities. Her passion in Japanese cuisine definitely proven from the way she handle her cuisine and the knowledge she learned from all her “sen sei’ (Japanese teachers). We ended the omakase journey with our choice of ice-cream. I chose Sakura flavour and E chose Pumpkin flavour which, was highly recommended by the chef.
 I would love to visit her again to enjoy my omakase and a conversation over the meal. It is pretty interesting and relaxing to enjoy such close up moments with chef. It is more of personal touch and relationship between the chef and his/her customers. And if you are there, be prepared to wait a while as she handles from A-Z currently. No helpers but herself managing everything to keep her dreams going.
Note: Drinks are separately charged.Price exclude 10% service charge. Our total bill inclusive of 2 hot ocha and 2- S$68.00 omakase set was S$158.40.

Kappou Japanese Sushi Tapas Bar
Address: 190 Middle Road
#02-10A Fortune Centre
Singapore 188979
Opening Hours:
06:00PM – 11:30PM
Reservation: +65 91704583

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