[JB EATS] Dae Bap Korean Home Meal @ Mount Austin – Cheap & Affordable Korean Food

[JB EATS] Dae Bap Korean Home Meal @ Mount Austin – Cheap & Affordable Korean Food

My friend suggested Dae Bap Korean Home Meal at Mount Austin for a quick lunch before we start our café hopping. Dae Bap Korean Home Meal is a casual Korean restaurant that offers cheap and affordable korean cuisines with local fare. The restaurant is owned by locals, in which explains the affordable pricing to cater to locals.
 Their menu includes Budae Jigae, Teokbokki, Teppan Udon, Cheese Dolsot Bibimbap, Korean Stir Fried Set, Kimchi Ramyeon, Korean Dosirak and many more. The starting price is RM9.90 ~S$3.19 onwards.
 Ordering chit and menu are available on the table. Diners will just choose from the menu and write down their orders accordingly. Once it is done, hand it over to the service staff to process the order.Our order chit was printed out and displayed on the table.

Bacon Cheese Dolsot Bibimbap

Bacon Cheese Dolsot Bibimbap – Before and After Mixing

 We ordered Bacon Cheese Dolsot Bibimbap RM18.90~S$6.30 and Korean Fried Chicken with Honey Cereal flavour RM9.90~S$3.19 to share. It was just perfect for two of us. The bibimbap was served in a sizzling pot and we mixed all the ingredients together before feasting. Loving the combination with the cheese coated all over the ingredients.
 If you prefer something cheap and filling, give this place a try. Although the Korean fare is not so authentic in flavour, the price offered indeed helps to boost the business. Locals get to enjoy Korean cuisines without burning a hole in the pocket. It is a win-win situation for both. Dae Bap also offers set meals at an affordable pricing which cater to workers around Mount Austin.

Our total bill was RM28.80 inclusive of 6% GST charges. Payment to be made at the front counter and that explains why there is no 10% service charge. And their water is free of charge!

Dae Bap Korean Home Meal
Address: No. 8 Jalan Austin Heights 3/2
Taman Mount Austin
81100 Johor Bahru
Opening Hours: 8:00AM – 6:00PM Daily
Tel: +607 3647811
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/daebapkorean/

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