[JB EATS] Night Date At The Replacement Lodge & Kitchen

The Replacement Lodge & Kitchen is known with its minimalist concept café that serves brunch dishes and their signature churros. The café is a must-go place whenever Singaporeans cross the causeway especially weekend. But do you know that The Replacement Lodge & Kitchen also serves tapas now?

My recent visit to café is to check out what’s store in the Tapas Menu. The Night Replacement comes alive from 7:00pm onwards.
Here are the dishes we tried:
1. Beef Steak RM28.00 ~ S$8.90
 This dish uses skirt steak that has more nuanced flavours and textures and paired with baby potatoes and chimichurri sauce. Nicely grilled with the charred on the outside and tenderness in the inside. I will order this when I am back here again.

2. Asparagus RM18.00 ~S$5.80
 The combination of asparagus, poached egg, chorizo and brown butter works well.

3. Prawn RM24.00~S$7.70
 Fresh grilled prawns with romesco sauce with potatoes and spring onions. The romesco sauce is rich, dense and paired well with the prawns.

4. Clams RM18.00~S$5.80
 Refreshing clam dish prepared with parsley, onion and chorizo.

5. Fish RM28.00~S$8.90
 The fish is prepared in a parchment paper with tomato, zesty salsa verde and shallots. It has a taste of fusion in it.

6. Beef on Pepper RM18.00 ~S$5.80
 This is unexpectedly good I would say. Minced beef with bagna cauda and rocket spread on top of the bell pepper. This reminds me of zi-char style with umami flavour.

7. Signature Fried Bao with Ice-cream (A set of two- Matcha & Milk – RM18.00~S$5.80)
 This dessert is inspired from Little Bao, Hong Kong. The fried bao here comes in a set of two with matcha and natural milk. My only advice is that take a quick shot before it melts!
 Lastly, order the alcoholic drinks from the menu to complete your meal. The Replacement Lodge & Kitchen café offers not only malty beers but there are also non-alcoholic cocktails as well. Friends can chill here for a drink after a long day. After all the drinking, you might want to consider staying overnight at their Airbnb which is just upstairs.

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The Replacement Lodge & Kitchen
Night At Replacement

Address: 33 – 34 Jalan Dhoby
80000 Johor Bahru
Opening Hours: 7:00PM – 11:00PM

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