[SG EATS] Ninja Cut At Seah Street- Exciting Nostalgic Nosh for Diners

[SG EATS] Ninja Cut At Seah Street- Exciting Nostalgic Nosh for Diners

I took a trip down memory with Ninja Cut’s new spin on popular childhood foods recently. It is always exciting to check out new creations from the chef. For those who are working around Bugis and City Hall area, you are in treat!
Ninja Cut-Seah Street
As for those working at Duxton area, you can check out their sister outlet, Ninja Bowl to fix your healthy bowl and brunch options.

Here are the new additions to their menu:
Don’t-Cha-Wan-Some-Mushi S$16.00Ninja Cut-Don’t-Cha-Wan-Some-Mushi
This classic dish comes with luscious egg custard loaded with cheese rice, onions, tobiko, spring onions and a choice of topping of either shabu pork belly, or plump Hokkaido scallops. This is more like a comfort food especially on rainy days. As for the taste wise, it is similar to steamed eggs taste but this has other ingredients to enhance the overall flavour.

Beefy Patty Macaroni S$16.00Ninja Cut-Beefy Patty Macaroni
A flavourful 145g of ground chuck stuffed with melted cheese, paired with macaroni and a tangy homemade tomato broth. And of course #eggporn on top of the patty. This dish is inspired from the hearty chicken macaroni soup, which something each of us grew up eating. But personally not a fan of this and I think the tomato broth taste is overwhelming. I cannot finish the whole dish by myself.

Crab Rosti S$18.00Ninja Cut-Crab Rosti
I would highly-recommend to order this. This dish is by Ched-de-Cuisine, Nina Winoto who grew up in Switzerland where her day-to-day staple consisted of cheese and potatoes. What makes this rosti taste extra umami is that the rosti is cheese-stuffed with onions and topped with poached egg, mesclun mix and crab pate and tobiko. The crab meat is made from scratch and totally loving the brilliant combination of the ingredients.

Hello Ebi-Bardy S$16.00Ninja Cut-Hello Ebi-Bardy
Pan-seared prawns with zesty lemon butter sauce, purple saw and tomatoes. Colourful visual and filling dish i would say.

Kaya Toast S$18.00Ninja Cut-Kaya Toast
This is absolute favourite of mine! The re-creation of kaya toast with mochi cheese, crumble, sea salt mascarpone ice-cream and drizzled gula melaka is simply awesome! I can have it all by myself. I shared it with my colleague and she said she going to bring the family over to try. Enough said!

Each dish is thoughtfully put together to enhance your dining experience with Ninja Cut. Definitely exciting to explore what Ninja Cut & Ninja Bowl offers from time to time. Each time you visit the place, it gives you different insights on the dishes as Chefs working on the elements and curates the dishes creatively.
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Ninja Cut
Address: 32 Seah Street
Singapore 188388
Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday 9:30AM – 9:30PM
Saturday- Sunday 9:30AM – 6:00PM
Web Page: http://www.theninjacut.com.sg/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TheNinjaCut/

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