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I am back to 99 Percent Hair Studio to trim my tresses and work on my scalp treatment recently. It has been a month since I dyed my hair and it was quite dry and there are signs of damaged hair. The good thing about hair dye is that it improves the appearance but at the same time tresses will go dry and brittle after a dye job.
99 Percent Hair Studio-Scalp Treatment-1
So, we started with scalp scanning first to identify my scalp problem. Kent did a scanning with the wireless instrument which links the images to the ipad for me to view. From the scanning, it shows that I have an oily scalp and clogged follicles. Oily scalp and clogged follicles are usually due to stress, hair products used, weather and many more. These are the common reasons for scalp issues. Kent, my hair stylist will scan 3 sections (crown, back of the head and side of the head) of the scalp so that customer will have a general idea on their scalp condition.

Here are the scanned photos taken BEFORE the scalp treatments:
99 Percent Hair Studio-Scalp Treatment
After the Step 1 scanning is done, we proceed with the Scalp Treatment. (There are 4 steps required for the treatment.)
99 Percent Hair Studio-Scalp Treatment-3
Step 2
My hairstylist, Kent started by exfoliating the scalp with a gel to clean the dirt and oil build up on my scalp. He applied the gel over my scalp and let it cool for 5 minutes before start massaging my head.
Step 2
Next, Ken applied scalp shampoo to wash off my scalp using cool water. It is very minty and cooling on my head. He also applied hair mask to my hair to benefit the tresses. The ends of hair are the most delicate and brittle and so require the most attention. Thus, hair mask helps to keep moisture in and prevent breakage.
99 Percent Hair Studio-Scalp Treatment-2
99 Percent Hair Studio-Scalp Treatment-4
Step 3
Now that the scalp pores are clean and completely opened, it is good to apply tonics. The scalp tonic also has the minty and cooling effect.

After Treatment
After Treatment

Step 4
Scalp Analysis (After)
Once all the steps are completed, Kent did another round of scalp analysis to show me the result. I can see there is visibly lesser oil and dirt congestion. And of course I feel my scalp is clean and refreshed after the treatment. However, scalp treatment need to be done frequently and it takes time to have healthy scalp.
99 Percent Hair Studio-Haji Lane
And Kent trim my tresses and cut fringe to give a refresh look. Here are some photos taken after my hair cut and treatment.
99 Percent Hair Studio-Haji Lane-1
Back View
Back View

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Scalp Treatment price range from S$89.00 – S$169.00 depending on hair length. The treatment is available in package as well. As for the hair mask, it is S$89.00 for one time treatment. For more information, check out their official Facebook or Instagram.

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99 Percent Hair Studio
Address: 40 Haji Lane #01-01
Singapore 189233
Operation Hours: 11:00AM – 8:30PM
Call +65 6396 3667 to book an appointment.
Website: http://www.99percenthairstudio.com.sg/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/99-Percent-Hair-Studio-189165034518768/

[No monetary compensation was received for this review. All opinions expressed were based on my experience.]

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