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During my recent trip to Taipei, Taiwan, I visited a hotpot restaurant called Mr Meat (肉大人) with fellow foodies. It is recommended by a friend as this is her favourite hotpot place. The restaurant is located at Da’An district which is approximately 20-25 minutes bus away from Taipei Main Station.
Mr Meat Hotpot Taipei Taiwan
Mr Meat 肉大人 Taipei Taiwan
We were there during summer and they are currently serving 3 types of soup base- sour cabbage pot, tomato pot and red pot. The broth of Mr Meat is made daily with pork and chicken bones, onions, carrots,dried ginger slices, sugar canes, celeries and NO MSG. This is what stated in the menu. Each choice of hotpot flavours come with different ingredients including tofu skin, egg dumpling, meat ball and many more.
Mr Meat 肉大人 Taipei Taiwan-1
There are 4 of us and each of us ordered different flavours to try because individual has own personal burners. I ordered the sour cabbage pot that comes with Master Wu’s fermented sour cabbage from Tainan, fresh white cabbage, mushrooms, purple potato, frozen tofu, tofu skin, meat ball, fish dumplings and egg dumpling. The whole pot is full of ingredients upon serving.
Mr Meat 肉大人 Taipei Taiwan-2
Diners can opt for hot pot set which includes appetizer, sauce, soup base, meat platter and dessert. There are instant noodles, glass noodles and steamed white rice as well. Additional charges are applicable for udon or Granny’s minced meat.

My choice of soup broth
My choice of soup broth

Mr Meat 肉大人 Taipei Taiwan-Meat
Mr Meat 肉大人 Taipei Taiwan- Slices of Meat
There are quite a number of selections ranging from pork, beef, seafood and other ingredients. The pork selection itself has approximately 9 types to choose from. We ordered some from the pork and beef selections. Thinly sliced meats are imported from Europe, The United States and Australia. There are also gamy cherry duck (a Taiwanes breed) , Taiwanese black pork and other interesting ingredients as well. You may want to ask the staff for recommendation.
Mr Meat 肉大人 Taipei Taiwan-Minced Meat Rice
Apart from the standard hotpot broth and ingredients, their side order – Granny’s Braised Carrot Minced Meat is recommended as well. This is a recipe provided by the owner (Mr Chen)’s grandmother. This is rather a comfort food I would say.
Entrance of the restaurant
Entrance of the restaurant

Interior of the restaurant
Interior of the restaurant

It was a filling lunch with the generous serving of the meat especially. The broth here is not the usual taste I had back in Singapore and Malaysia. The broth here is fermented and the sour taste is stronger. If you prefer sour base, you can give this a try when you are travelling to Taipei, Taiwan.

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肉大人Mr. Meat
Address: No. 35, Lane 81, Section 2,
Dunhua South Road,
Da’an District,
Taipei, Taiwan
Tel: 886-2-2703-5522
Website: www.mrmeat.co

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