[SG EATS] Teppei Syokudo Has Self-Heating Bento Now!

From 27th September 2017, Teppei Syokudo will be launching a new series of dishes that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere! This reminds me of the Lazy Hot Pot that is currently trending online. The whole process is similar as Lazy Hot Pot but this is called Self-Heating Bento. And Teppei Syokudo offers bento instead of vacuumed packed ingredients like Lazy Hot Pot.Teppei Syokudo Self-Heating Bentos are made in Japan and it can heat up the bento in 5 minutes time.
Here is the short clip of the steamy Gyu Don bento that I took during lunch at work.

Gyu Don

So, what are the self-heating bentos that you can order from Teppei Syokudo?
1. Gyu Don S$15.80
2. Oyaka Don S$12.80
3. Napolitan Pasta with Hamburg S$15.80
4. Minced Meat Mapo Tofu Don S$12.80

Note: These bentos can be kept outside at room temperature for 3 hours. If refrigerated, it can be kept overnight.

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About Teppei Syokudo Brand Story
Teppei Yamsashita, the creator of the Teppei Brand & Group, was born and raised in Fukuoka prefecture (Southern Japan). His mission is simple. To share quality Japanese food in a local and casual setting, so that he can put a smile on everyone’s face in all parts of the world.
In a bid to deliver a similar experience at Teppei Omakase Restaurant. Teppei launched a new concept Teppei Syokudo.”Syokudo” means “Casual Dining” in Japanese, usually associated with the warm & friendly atmosphere that one can find at home.

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Teppei-Syokudo/877077412371417

[Thanks Teppei Syokudo for the media drop.]
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