[SG EATS] My 1st Jingisukan At The Hitsuji Club | Circular Road

Have you ever heard of Jingisukan? According to Wikipedia-Jingisukan (ジンギスカン, “Genghis Khan”) is a Japanese grilled mutton dish prepared on a convex metal skillet or other grill. The dish is particularly popular on the northern island of Hokkaido, in China and in Thailand. I visited The Hitsuji Club located at Circular Road few days back to try Jingisukan. I was told that The Hitsuji Club is the first jingisukan specialist restaurant around Boat Quay area.  A bit background about the restaurant- The Hitsuji Club is helmed by 29 year old Eiji Yoshida who has 7 years of culinary experience. The restaurant is pretty compact and intimate with 20-seater only. So, it is best to make reservation in advance before you drop by.
 The restaurant offers premium lab at affordable pricings and their meat is sourced from Australia and New Zealand. Apart from that, the lambs are grain-fed for 6-8 months.

We tried the Premium Jingisukan Set S$45.00++ that comes with lamb fillet, loin and vegetable set.
 Ala-carte is available starting with S$12.00 onwards. We also had baby lamb chop S$12.00++ per pc, Pork Belly S$14.00++ and Marinated Chicken S$14.00++.

Basically the staff will use the lamb fat to oil the pan. Once it is done, they start to place the ingredients on top of the pan and do the grilling. I took a short video clips on how it goes throughout the process.

Most people are quite sceptical when it comes to lamb meat because of the stench smell. But the premium lamb meats do not have any single traces at all. The grilled lamb tasted tender, juicy and of course coated with the layer of lamb fats oil. There isn’t any gamey taste at all. I enjoyed having it with pinch of salt and pepper. They also prepared their homemade jingisukan sauce to pair with the meat too. And my favourite is the loin because the meat tasted velvety and fatter as compared to fillet.

When we had the baby lamb chop, my friend and I tasted a bit gamey though. Hence, I would suggest going for the premium sets instead for a better lamb experience. The restaurant also offers specially-curated white and red wines from as low as S$38.00++ to premium selected bintages. Lunch sets are available as well if you are working around that area. Their popular curry rice is priced at S$8.50++ and Premium Lamb BBQ Set at S$25.00++.

And as I browsed through their menu, they also offer :
“ALL YOU CAN EAT 120mins” –S$60.00++
Include Lamb, Pork Belly, Chicken, Vegetable and Rice

“ALL YOU CAN EAT & DRINK 120mins” – S$98.00++
Include Lamb, Pork Belly, Chicken, Vegetable and Rice
Drink- Draft beer, Highball, Lemon Sour, Grapefruit sour, Oolong hi, Green Tea hi, Plum Wine, Potato Shochu, Barley Shochu, Red Wine, White Wine and soft drink.

Fun Facts:
– Lamb is a healthy choice of meat, as it is low in cholesterol. In fact the cholesterol level in lamb is comparable with that in fish-only 50mg per 100g of meat.
– Lamb is also rich in unsaturated fatty acids which help lower cholesterol levels and burn the unwanted fats.
– Lamb is a good source of Vitamin B12,B1 and B complex, which can help alleviate anaemia and fatigue, gastrointestinal disorders and dermatitis.
– Lamb also full of zinc,which is necessary for developing healthy white blood cells that help boost immunity against various illnesses
Read more about the health benefits of lamb here.

The Hitsuji Club
Address: 65 Circular Road
Singapore 049419
Tel: +65 62213789
Operating Hours:
Tuesday- Friday 11:45AM – 2:00PM
Monday- Sunday 6:00PM – 11:00PM
Website: http://www.the-hitsuji-club.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/the.hitsuji.club/

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