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This 100% Intensive Collagen Treatment came just in time before my year end trip this weekend. I visited D’Skin few days ago to try out the treatment after work. The whole process took approximately 120minutes.
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Do you know that apart from your weekly facial masks and DIY scrubs, it is best to visit beauty salon at least once a month to keep your skin condition in check? This is because home solutions are limited and the specialists can resolve any pressing problems that you may have. I only learnt about this when I start going for my monthly facial.

What is 100% Intensive Collagen Treatment ( S$338.00 ) ?
A signature complete facial that includes an eye & neck treatment. This treatment provides a more aggressive anti-ageing practice, with signs of ageing diminished by lifting and toning facial muscles to resume a more youthful position. To achieve maximum penetration, ultrasonic technology is used to infuse serum, leaving the skin to glow. Use this treatment to achieve a more youthful appearance and slow down the ageing process.

Read on to see my whole process and how I think it fared.
Before starting the treatment, I was told to fill up my particular details for the salon record purposes. Then, I had my skin analysed to find out my skin condition and which areas of my skin needed improvement.
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From the analysis, the beautician explained and interpreted the results to me. I have relatively dry skin especially on my T-zone area.
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Once we are done with the analysis, we moved on to the treatment room to start the treatment.
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Here are the steps for the treatment:
1. Double cleanse and scrub the face.
2. Once it is cleared and clean, the beautician applied peeling cream for exfoliation to remove the outer layer of dead skin cells.
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D Skin-4
3. Then, extraction to clear the clogged and compacted pores.
4. Once it is cleared, beautician uses Ultrasonic Technology with serum to infuse serum and achieve glowing skin. This process takes about 10 minutes time.
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5. And the most enjoying part is the face, neck and eye massage.
6. Moving on is the vacummed suction pump to eye area for lymphatic drainage.
7. Lastly, putting on mask and have a nice shoulder massage to end the treatment.

The whole process was comfortable and I dozed off during the treatment. I enjoyed the facial massage the most. It helps to stimulate the face muscles and more blood flow to the area to increase collagen production. It is a natural form of anti-aging skincare.

Here is how I looked like right after the facial ( #nomakeup #nofilter). Please ignore my dark eye circles.
D Skin-8
My skin looked more radiant and plump. The result was pretty good. I can feel that my skin smoother after the treatment.

Here is another shot taken one day after the treatment.

The treatment is just nice to prep me for my upcoming trip to Korea this weekend. My skin will surely dehydrate and cracked due to the dry cold weather. So, staying hydrated and moisturize are very important. Thus, this facial treatment is perfect to prep me before the trip. The skin cares that I applied are able to absorb better too!

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To celebrate the joyous festive season, D’skin is thrilled to offer my readers a trial price for both treatments – with 100% Intensive Collagen Treatment ONLY at S$69.00 from 4th December 2017 until 31st January 2018!
An awesome pampering treat which saves over 75%!

For more information, you can refer to D’skin website or contact them.
Website: http://www.dskinlab.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dskinSG/

[Thanks D’Skin & BC for the complimentary facial treatment. No monetary is involved and reviews are based on my experience.]

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