[SG LIFESTYLE] My Daily Travel Commuter Experience With SG BusLeh


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SG Busleh App
Public transport services plays important role in my daily travel commute to work and places around Singapore. My daily travel transportation involves train and buses to reach my destinations.

There are few apps that indicate real-time bus arrival. I downloaded one of the app called SG BusLeh ( a local app development Singapore , Originally US) to provide me information. This app is available for download on primarily Android Store and Apple Store. I have been using it for quite a while on my daily routine to work and other destinations.

Here are the 5 reasons why I use the app daily:
1. Time Management
smrt timing and ntu nus shuttle timing are supported
The app is useful especially when I plan for the route to food tasting venue after work on weekdays. This eases my time management as I am able to estimate my arrival time. For eg. If I need to plan a route to Tanjong Pagar ( food tasting venue) from my workplace, I will check the app on the bus arrival before I leave my office to ensure that I will not miss the bus timing. I also minimize my waiting time at the bus stop.

2. FREE App
The app is FREE to download. So, why not just download and check it out?

3. Bus Options
double deck or bendy
The app features the type of the buses whether it is a double deck or bendy and it can tell you how full the bus is so that you can prepare to stand or wait for the next one. Apart from this, user can instantly view bus timing for all buses at the particular stop. It is like a summary page of the bus list for the individual stop.

4. Link to Ez-link Card
ezlink feature
And I recently found out that users can tap on their Ez-Link card to check balance using the SG BusLeh app with supported devices. That is so cool!

5. Lobang Section
SG BusLeh Lobang
There is also a section called Lobang, which means on-going offers from other merchants. Users can on and off look out this space to see if there is any interesting promo code or new sign up deals.

If you are taking public transports daily, try out SG BusLeh app to improve your journey.

P/S: This app is developed by Originally US that specializes in designing and developing amazing mobile apps that look and feel great. They are also one of the top mobile app develop er in Singapore. Clients love Originally US because they deliver quality mobile experience and do not over-promise.

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