[SG EATS] Only Employees Only At Amoy Street

You may need to be a psychic to know where this place is. Nestled in the buzzing streets of Telok Ayer is one of New York City’s Favourite Bars, Employee Only (EO).
Living true to their name, the employees here are the only one who knows how to kick-start a fun night!

To start off your night, sit at the bar and watch the bartender whip up the drink right in front of your eyes. EO has a wide range of beverages and alcohol collections. I had the EO Gimlet (S$28.00++), which was ⅓ lime and ⅔ alcohol and really refreshing. Unlike other bars, EO uses clear ice which is amazing as drinks with clear ice, is less likely to get diluted easily. Check out the bartender’s white robe while you are here too, the ranks on their robe shows their level of experiences and knowledge on the drinks.

Moving on to appetisers, the Mini Tostadas (S$17.00++) was my favourite. It is mixed with pulled chicken, chipotle and lime.Drizzle the lime over the chicken and bam! Your taste buds are immediately whisked to a Mexican party. The flavour was amazing, the chicken topped with other ingredients balances each other really well, and the base was not very crispy but perfect enough to start the night.

Beetroot Hummus

They have other appetisers including Beetroot Hummus (S$12.00++), Spicy Smothered Shrimp(S$14.00++) and Red Snapper Crudo (S$19.00++). The Beetroot Hummus dip paste sauce is blended freshly upon orders, and it is a sweet yet earthy taste. The spicy smothered shrimp is also an ideal choice for appetisers, it kind of like sambal chilli prawns but with Mexican flavours. The battered shrimps are farmed locally and at first bite, the batter was crispy but gets you questioning if this was really a shrimp.

Red Snapper Crudo

The Red Snapper Crudo is topped with micro coriander, tomatillo and fresh lime juice. The red snapper, farmed locally too, was really fresh. The silkiness of the meat simply slithered all over your tongues. I loved how they have cherry tomatoes on it too.

As the night went by, I started to notice that most employees here have a similar tattoo, the EO logo. When asked, a staff explained that the tattoo was a sign of blessing from the boss. That’s pretty cool, to be honest, imagine a tattoo as a blessing!

Ramly Burger

Moving on to the mains, Employees Only favourites includes the Ramly Burger (S$23.00++) and Tagliatelle (S$20.00++). The Ramly burger was an inspired dish from our local Pasar Malam Ramly Burger scenes, but instead of simple fillets and cutlets on it, a wagyu beef patty is in place. I love the wagyu beef patty idea, garlic fries and the handmade mayonnaise. It is definitely worth a try on your visit here to EO.

The Tagliatelle was handmade which tasted amazing as the noodles cuddle with your taste buds. Also, most pasta would have meat ingredients but over here, this didn’t have any but yet it was still very flavourful. With ingredients like Butternut Squash, Hazelnut, and Brown Butter, this dish is perfect for a night out without expanding your waistlines.

For the seafood lovers, the Barramundi (S$34.00++) will be a good option too. The fish is fresh and you could feel the silkiness of the fish and the crispiness of the skin. The tomato sauce pairing was excellent till which I wanted a spoon to drink it as a soup, hehe.

The night does not end till desserts are served. Try the cheesecake topped with black salt, which was amazing. The saltiness and the flavours of the cheese could be one of the best combination I ever had so far. It balanced each other really well, and it did not overpower one another.

The atmosphere here was perfect. This place just might have outranked every other bar I been to in Singapore and I would come back here for a date night with my loved one again. Imagine a candlelight dinner, great music and toasting a glass of alcohol to your partner, that’s Employee Only for you.

You can make your reservation via Chope.

[googlemaps https://www.google.com/maps/embed?pb=!1m18!1m12!1m3!1d3988.819483092153!2d103.84543531463035!3d1.2820869990649089!2m3!1f0!2f0!3f0!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!3m3!1m2!1s0x31da190d000c726b%3A0xbf4dc480c93125a6!2sEmployees+Only+Singapore!5e0!3m2!1sen!2ssg!4v1512702735271&w=600&h=450]
Employees Only Singapore
Address: 112 Amoy Street
Singapore 069932
Opening Hours: 5:00PM-1:00AM
Saturday 5:00PM-2:00AM
Sunday 6:00PM – 1:00AM
[ This is written by Guest Writer, Felicia. Edited by Hazel]
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