[SG EATS] Shima- Japanese Restaurant At Goodwood Park Hotel

Being the first Japanese restaurant to step foot in Singapore, and still running, that does speak much about Shima Restaurant at Goodwood Park. The dishes here are curate carefully by Hokkaido’s most awarded Chef Fumihko Hoshiba. We were invited to the launch of Chef Fumihiko Hoshiba’s new Kaiseki menu.

Kaiseki is a traditional multi-course meal where every detail including tastes, textures and colour of the ingredients is taken into account. Shima offers many different Kaiseki premium sets at an affordable price, in which we tried the S$88.00++ dinner set. The set comes with 7 courses.

Starting off with the appetizer , which consists of several different types of seafood. I enjoyed the Sazae the most, as it was chewy to the very last bite. The Sazae got me really excited for the night to come.

The Fukahire Chawanmushi is something very unusual from the usual chawanmushi. It looks the same but deep inside actually lies the sesame tofu. Sounds plain but it is a great twist. I was so taken aback by how the chef manages to put the sesame tofu in the egg and yet maintain the taste of the sesame tofu.

Sashimi served next and despite the beautiful plating, the freshness of the sashimi was not compromised. I really enjoyed the 3 types of seasonal sashimi, especially the ebi (prawns)! It gave out a creamy taste which was shocking as it is a sashimi. I love how pretty the silver leaf is too.

The main consisted of Fish and Japanese Wagyu wrap. The Wagyu beef was simply amazing and it literally melts in your mouth! The fish had a crispy first taste but afterwards, it simply melts in your mouth too. I love how refreshing the fish sauce was and if there is i could go for a second serving, this would be the dish I would get!
 The crab with melon was my second favourite. I love how every element of this dish complemented each other. The crab gives off a strong taste on its’ owns, and the melon balanced it really well making this dish light yet filling.

We were also served the Japanese rice. It gives off the Chinese glutinous rice feels but made with Japanese rice. Along with it, we had the miso soup to warm the body up on a rainy night.

To end off the meal, we were served a platter of fruits which once again, makes anyone impressed with the quality of Japanese produces. The melon was sweet, everything was perfect.

After dining over at Shima, I can finally understand how this restaurant is still popular after so many years. I would definitely come back again and this place is perfect for a night out with your other half!

Shima Japanese Restaurant
Goodwood Park Hotel
Address: 22 Scotts Road
Singapore 228221
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday
Lunch 12:00PM-3:00PM
Dinner 6:00PM-10:30PM
Website: http://www.shimarestaurant.com.sg/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ShimaRestaurantSingapore/

[ This is written by Guest Writer, Felicia. Edited by Hazel]
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