[SG EATS] Kaiseki Restaurant Shima’s Exquisite Winter Menu

[SG EATS] Kaiseki Restaurant Shima’s Exquisite Winter Menu

Our guest writer, Felicia visited Shima restaurant recently and raved about the food here.So when the invite for their Exquisite Winter Menu is here, I got the chance to visit the restaurant this time round. The winter menu is curated by Chef Hoshiba Fumihiko, who has over 40 years of culinary experience.

Kaiseki dining is a traditional multi-course Japanese dining experience. The ingredients used for kaiseki menus are seasonal ingredients and carefully prepared with cooking techniques that bring out the ingredients’ natural flavours. The chef then prepared with 5 fundamental methods of cooking including steamed, simmered, fried, grilled and raw.

Here are the dishes from the Winter Menu:
Shima Japanese Kaiseki Restaurant-Appetizer

Shima Japanese Kaiseki Restaurant
Beautifully plated seasonal ingredients including bright-orange river prawn, salmon and flavourful octopus served with lilyroot sharp and crisp bamboo shoot from Kagoshima. And taste the delicate ear of rice, with whole rice grains still on it. It is like having mini popcorns.

Steamed Dish
Shima Japanese Kaiseki Restaurant-Chawanmushi
Chawanmushi with Shark’s Fin

Shima Japanese Kaiseki Restaurant-Sashimi-2

Shima Japanese Kaiseki Restaurant-Sashimi-1
We were served with ottoro, the fatty part of the tuna’s belly. It was amazingly fresh and firm fattiness along with the botan ebi from Hokkaido and also ara (shimmered sea bream).

Grilled Dish
Shima Japanese Kaiseki Restaurant-Grilled Lobster
Golden grilled lobster with Wakamomo (Peach) and Hajikami (Ginger Root). The peach was a sweet note after the taste of the savoury grilled lobster.

Cooked Food
[SG EATS] Kaiseki Restaurant Shima’s Exquisite Winter Menu
Red Snapper with Prawn are from Kamazawa were steamed in dashi stock to infuse the seafood with a delicate dashi flavour, complemented with a hint of zest from yuzue and grape blossoms.

Fried Dish
Shima Japanese Kaiseki Restaurant-Snow Crab
Snow crab served along with mushroom, wildplant and rice paper.

Shima Japanese Kaiseki Restaurant-Olive Noodles

Shima Japanese Kaiseki Restaurant-Olive Noodles-1
Shoudoshima’s Olive Noodles. Shodoshima is known with its fresh olive noodles and we are lucky to get a taste of it. And surprisingly there is no taste traces of the olive flavour though.

Shima Japanese Kaiseki Restaurant-Dessert
Fresh fruit and dessert of the day.

The new winter menu features 5 premium sets at affordable pricing starting from S$48.00++ for a 6-course meal and up to S$188.00++. There are also lunch options starting from S$88.00++ and S$138.00++. This menu will be available from now to end March 2018.

Address: Goodwood Park Hotel
22 Scotts Road,
Singapore 228221
Operating Hours: 12:00PM – 2:30PM | 6:00PM-10:30PM (Daily)
Website: http://www.shimarestaurant.com.sg/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ShimaRestaurantSingapore/

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