[SG BEAUTY] My TCM Slimming Journey With Han Dian TCM SG (漢典中醫 ) – Consultation Session

[SG BEAUTY] My TCM Slimming Journey With Han Dian TCM SG (漢典中醫 ) – Consultation Session

If you have been following me on my social media platforms, you definitely know that I always having food feast most of the time. Be it attending media tasting or even weekends, I will surely out searching for new food places to try out. Thus, this explains why I have been gaining weight. My sisters watched how I grow fatter day by day. I knew I have to do something but I am too lazy to start.

Han Dian SG-5
So when I was introduced to Han Dian SG at Havelock II, I was quite excited and curious at the same time. It is my first time visiting TCM for slimming purposes.

What are the differences when you do TCM Slimming?
1. Improve your digestion and break down fat.
2. Promote bowel movement to get rid of metabolic waste
3. Get rid of fluid retention in the body.
4. Improve the spleen function to boost metabolism.
5. Acupuncture and Baguan (cupping) can reduce imbalances that cause weight problems.

Dr Chung is a fully registered TCM Physician and she is a Taiwanese lady who runs Han Dian SG at Havelock II.
Han Dian SG

Han Dian SG-2
We started off with filling up the necessary information before proceeding to consultation. The consultation was pretty fast and Dr Chung explained about my health condition and also the treatments that I will be doing. It will be cupping for slimming with slim body wrap and negative Ion treatment for each session.
Han Dian SG-4
Dr Chung also explained the diet plan that I need to follow up especially on the first 3 days of treatment. This is important in order to achieve the best results. I was told to drink plenty of water with an average 2~3L daily. But I only managed to drink 2L daily though. And I was given a diet meal plan to follow. I will share more on my next post.
Once the explanation is done, we start our first treatment session.Here’s a shot on how is the treatment room look like.
Han Dian SG-3
So, stay tuned on my next post for the treatment process and guess how much weight I lost during the first 3 sessions.
And I am revealing my current weight before I officially starts the treatment session. #dontjudgeme
Han Dian SG-1

Good news to everyone!Simply quote “Hazeldiary” and you will get 3 sessions for S$140.00 only.
(The usual price is S$140.00 for 1 session)

Han Dian TCM SG Pte Ltd
Address: 2 Havelock Road #03-16
Havelock II
Singapore 059763
Tel: 6554 2048
Consultation Hours: 10:30AM-8:30PM
Website: http://www.handiantcm.com/

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[No monetary compensation was received for this review and all opinions were based on my own experience.]

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