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Rang Mahal is a fine dining Indian restaurant located at Level 3 of Pan Pacific Hotel. The award-wining fine-dining restaurant has recently launched a brand new menu by putting a modern spin on Indian classics while still honouring their heritage.
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Rang Mahal Pan Pacific Hotel

I was so excited to check out the dishes on a Monday night. The new menu is specially whipped up by the award-wining Chef Milind Sovani. He has been a chef to India’s former prime ministers Ms Indira Gandhi and Mr Rajiv Gandhi. He is also a ‘three-time winner of the “Asian Chef of the Year’ title , and has hosted numerous television shows.
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Let me walk you to the journey of gastronomic dishes that I had that night.
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We started with amuse-bouche before our starter.

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For starter, we had the Tomato Saar, Mulethi Herb Foam S$20.00++ . Light and airy take on the tomato broth. This is actually my first time trying such a light Indian version soup. And Rang Mahal’s version is poured over a dollop of mulethi foam. There is Ayurvedic multhi herb that boasts antioxidants in it.

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Roomali Masala Papad S$15.00++
Giant papad topped with lentil crispies, onion, tomato and chilli.Everyone went ‘wow’ when the papad served. It is said to be the first in Singapore to serve this unique creation. The gigantic offering is best to share with dining partners. The crispy layer and the ingredients are simply irresistible.

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Bombay Pani Poori S$25.00++
Crispy semolina puffs served with spiced water and masala moong sprouts. The best way to enjoy it is to fill in the masala moong sprouts and pour the spiced water into the crispy semolina puffs. Then had it at one go and you can experienced the bursting flavours in your mouth. This dish is said to be improvised from India’s flavourful street food.

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Tandoori Duet of White & Green Asparagis S$35.00++
Fresh white and green asparagus with mustard cheese marinade and lightly grilled in tandoor. It was nicely done and the mustard cheese marinade does not overpower the taste of the asparagus.

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Tandoori Fondue with an essemble of kebabs S$58.00++
I will definitely be back for this. Assortment of tandoor grilled chicken kebabs and garlic naan cubes with cheese tomato makhni dipping sauce. Each chicken kebabs are marinated with unique ingredients like holy basil, kasuri fenugreek, cashew cheese and Punjabi chicken tikka. My favourite was the holy basil that goes very well with the dipping sauce. There is also a vegetarian option too. This is definitely one of the highlight for the night.

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Dhuwandaar Lamb Chops S$42.00++

Chef’s Special chargrilled lamb chops served in Apple wood smoke. Chef uses Australian lamb rack marinated with a special blend along with caramelised pineapple and ginger garlic marinade. And cooked in tandoor and then smoked with garam masala and Apple wood for a sweet overtone. The taste is noticeable and substantial. The combination of softness and juiciness of the meat are simply awesome.

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Butter Chicken Bao S$42.00++
Steamed petit naan baos served stuffed with butter chicken. Not our usual butter chicken serving but this really exquisite. Who has thought of an Indian restaurant serving a Chinese-style bun with butter chicken in it?

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Suz Moilee S$36.00++
Assortment of exotic vegetables in fragrant kerala-style coconut curry that goes very well with the garlic naans or even a plate of white rice.

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Parsi Kheema Per Eeda, Maska Bao S$55.00++
Mumbai’s special minced masala lamb (kheema) with soft eggs and buttered buns is best to order for sharing. The golden egg yolk burst and mixed with the minced lamb before enjoying it with the buttered buns. This reminds me the satisfaction I had when I dipped my bun into chilli crab gravy. Simply sinful and yummy!

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Gulab Jamun Flambe S$25.00++
Exquisite tiny golden dumplings in rose saffron nectar syrup served flambed with liquor.

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Lychee Kulfi S$20.00++
Homemade traditional ice-cream created with all natural ingredients and studded with fresh lychees. It was a sweet note for the night.

Dining in Rang Mahal really gives me a new perspective of indulging in Indian cuisines. The dishes here offer healthier, less greasy alternatives to the usual Indian fare. As compared to Song of India Restaurant, the spices taste here is in mild range and had more depth. Both have their own distinctive flavours which subject to individual taste bud. Nevertheless, my experience in Rang Mahal was amazing. I left Rang Mahal with a happy belly.

And to be fair, the price here is quite luxurious I would say. So treat yourself here when you got your nice bonus to experience the gastronomy fine dining Indian cuisine.

Rang Mahal
Address: 7 Raffles Boulevard,
Pan Pacific Singapore Level 3,
Singapore 039595
T: +65 6333 1788
Opening Hours:
Buffet Lunch 12:00Noon – 2:30PM
Dinner 6:30PM – 10:30PM
Website: http://www.rangmahal.com.sg

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