[SG BEAUTY] TCM Slimming Journey With Han Dian TCM SG (漢典中醫 ) At Havelock II- Part 2

I am back with my update on my TCM slimming journey. It has been almost a month since I started with Han Dian at Havelock II. You can read about my part 1 post here.So the changes within the month were not drastic except on my lifestyle and dietary changes. And coincidentally it falls on the month of Chinese New Year. So much temptations on the Chinese New Year goodies and snacks and endless steamboat feast with family and friends.

For this post, I will share about my cupping (ba guan) session. So basically each treatment consists of Cupping, Slim Body Wrap and Negative Ion treatment. Each treatment takes approximately an hour time. I will visit the clinic after work to get my treatment done.
Han Dian SG-3
I headed straight to the treatment room upon reaching the clinic. I was asked to weigh myself followed by cupping treatment. And yes cupping involves fire cupping method by warming the air within the cup so that when it applied to the skin, the tissue is drawn up into the cup. This also helps to increase the blood flow and also to stimulate healing. The cups are placed on my tummy, arms, thighs and legs. I can feel the slight discomfort when the cups are placed for the first 30seconds to a minute. However, the feeling starting to fade and I got comfortable with it.
Han Dian SG-4

TCM Han Dian SG
Once it is done, I was covered with blanket before putting the Negative Ion Detoxification pad over the cups and on my tummy area. I can feel the currents running through to my body but the feeling is not that significant though.
TCM Han Dian SG-1

Han Dian SG-2
After 25 minutes, Dr Huang will remove the cups from my body and followed by body slim wrap. Dr Huang wrapped them over my arms, tummy and things before placing the Negative Ion Detoxification pad on top of my tummy again. This time round, the treatment takes 35 minutes.
Han Dian SG-1

Han Dian SG
Although cupping (ba guan) frequently causes marks on the skin after treatment due to bringing blood to the surface, I think mine is just fine. The marks are gone within 1-2 days and the colour is not in deep dark colours. Fret not, there are not bruises and are not painful at all.
And interesting fact -if the darker the circles you have, it means that more toxins are in your body. This also reflects individual lifestyle and dietary too.

Here is my update on my first 3 sessions :
Session 1 ( Before the first treatment) – 65.7kg
Session 2 –65.1kg
Session 3 –64.7kg

*For usual cases, you will have weight loss from 1.5kg – 2kg for continuous of 3 sessions. However, it depends on individual body reaction.*

Note:You need to control your diet and lifestyle too apart from receiving cupping (ba guan) treatment to ensure the results are achieved. Dr Huang will provide the menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner to follow. To be honest, I cheated a bit sometimes because I still do attend food tasting after work. Thus, determination is really important!

Do stay tune on my next post for more updates on my TCM slimming journey.

Good news to everyone!Simply quote “Hazeldiary” and you will get 3 sessions for S$140.00 only.
(The usual price is S$140.00 for 1 session)

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