[JB TRAVELS] How To Go To Puteri Harbour Malaysia From Singapore

Puteri Harbour Malaysia located at Johor Bahru is one of Johor attractions. The concept is mainly for family theme park and also a weekend gateway. You can visit Sanrio Hello Kitty Town & Thomas Town within the vicinity area. And it is also near to Legoland Malaysia.
For those who want to stay a night over the weekend, you can book Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour which is link to Puteri Harbour shops and also Sanrio Hello Kitty Town & Thomas Town.
The distance from Singapore Tuas Second Link is only 10-20 minutes and 15-30 minutes away from Johor Bahru City Centre.So, here are the options for you to travel with minimal cost without driving across the causeway.
From Jurong East MRT Station: Take BUS CW3 & CW4 from Jurong East Bus Interchange to CIQ 2nd Link (Tuas Checkpoint) .
From Boon Lay MRT Station: Take BUS CW6 from Boon Lay Bus Interchange to CIQ 2nd Link (Tuas Checkpoint)
Sample of the Bus Ticket
SGD4.00 – Singapore (CIQ 2nd Link)
RM5.00 – Puteri Harbour to Singapore (CIQ 2nd Link)
 Once you reach CIQ 2nd Link, take BUS SL1 or JPO2 or CW7L to the entrance of Puteri Harbour. It is the next stop after Medini Mall / Legoland Johor Bahru,Malaysia. The journey is approximately 20minutes time as the bus is driving through highway.
The bus frequency is 20-30minutes time.

Do note that you need to pay additional when you board the Bus SL1 on weekend. The bus fare from CIQ 2nd Link to Puteri Harbour is RM2.50.

BUS from Woodlands Checkpoint -JB Sentral – Puteri Harbour Malaysia
Bus option:
-Kranji MRT Station- BUS 170/ 160 or Causeway BUS CW1
-Queen Street,Bugis -Take Causeway BUS CW1
-Woodlands MRT- SBS BUS 950
-Newton Circus- Causeway BUS CW5
Upon arriving at JB Sentral, take bus LM1 to reach Puteri Harbour.
Note: The distance would be longer as compared going in from CIQ 2nd link.

Bus Schedule displayed at the entrance of Puteri Harbour Malaysia

Information from Causeway Link website
Once you reach JB Sentral, take Causeway Link Bus LM1 to Puteri Harbour.However, do note that the travelling time will be longer as compared travelling from CIQ 2nd link. And make sure you check out the schedule beforehand in case you miss out the timing.

Note: You can pre-purchase the Travel Bus Pass for Johor Bahru and Singapore here.

If you opt for taxi instead, please not that the taxi fare from JB Sentral to Puteri Harbour, Malaysia is around RM24-30 using GRAB services. However, price fluctuates according to demand and timing. I took it in the afternoon period.

Do check the traffic conditions before deciding which route to take when you are crossing the causeway. You can check from http://www.trafficiti.com/ or http://www.onemotoring.com.sg/publish/onemotoring/en.html
More details available at Puteri Harbour Malaysia.
Happy exploring the theme park!

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