[SG] Flowers and the Meaning that Represents Them

Do you ever wonder why flowers delivery Singapore are the most popular gift to give on Valentine’s Day? Or why do we give flowers on other special occasions such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Anniversary Day? Why do we pick flowers as a gift to make someone feel better?

The main answer to those questions above is because flowers have a symbolic meaning. Each flower can represent or symbolize some meanings and intentions that sometimes are just so hard to put into words. There are so many kinds of flowers in this world, and each flower can hold such a different meaning to one another. Everyone might know Roses, Lilies, Tulips, and Orchids. But how about Azalea, Gladiolus, Forget-Me-Not, Edelweiss, and Daffodils?

Azalea symbolizes womanhood, fragility, caring, and passion. This flower is perfect to show your admiration towards a woman or express just how much you adore her. Azalea grows in Japan and The United States.

Gladiolus hold a meaning of generosity. They can also symbolize love at the first sight and the strength of a character.

There is a reason why this flower has a name “Forget-Me-Not”. This flower symbolizes what is already obvious: about remembrance and unforgettable feelings. Aside from that, this flower also symbolizes true love which is perfect to be given to your lover.
Edelweiss grows in various countries such as Italy, Norway, Switzerland, France, Indonesia, Bulgaria, Norway, and Croatia. The representations of this flower are courage, daring, and noble purity.

This flower symbolizes sunshine, regard, and respect. It is also perfect to show your affection towards someone with the beauty this flower has.

After all, flowers will never fail to bring such a beautiful message to the receiver. People love flowers not only because they are beautiful but also because they are so meaningful and can express what sometimes cannot be expressed through words. You can explore more for the meaning of flowers on the internet or you can simply ask your florist for some flower suggestions.
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