[M’SIA Travels] A Trip to Kulai & Batu Pahat With Family

[M’SIA Travels] A Trip to Kulai & Batu Pahat With Family

It has been years since my last road trip with my family. My dad decided to head over to Batu Pahat for a day trip on last Saturday. It was an impromptu trip as he decided a night before. He woke us up early morning and start out road trip by taking the route from Kulai, Johor.

Breakfast – Kulai Sze Hwa Bak Kut Teh (古来世华肉骨茶 )
Sze Hwa Kulai Bak Kut Teh

Our first pit-stop is Kulai’s famous bak kut teh restaurant. We used to stop by here for the bak kut te h before we head to the highway to Kuala Lumpur. Time flies! The bak kut te h here are served in individual portion with strong herbal taste. I personally feel that the herbal taste here stronger than Kiang Kee and any other Bak Kut Teh in Johor Bahru. And at Sze Hwa, customers can request the specific cut of the meat. They also served the ala carte dishes to go along with bak kut te h including the standard ones- you tiao and vegetables.
Payment is made after the meal.

Address: 2, Jalan Seruling 1,
Taman Sri Kulai Baru 2
Kulai, Johor
Opening Hours: 8:00AM – 1:00PM & 2:00PM – 9:00PM
(Closed on Monday)

Visit Temple – Cheng Tian Keong Temple (青天宮大伯公)
Batu Pahat Temple
Batu pahat Temple Cheng Tian Keong Temple
Batu pahat Temple-Cheng Tian Keong Temple
My dad brought us to visit Cheng Tian Keong temple before our lunch. The temple has huge sculptures of the seven immortals riding on top of a golden dragon. This uniqueness of the sculptures is the water spouting out from the dragon’s mouth. It is actually the natural spring water from the mountain. Take your time and walk around the temple. Oh ya…spot the bathrooms with Chinese zodiac signs.

Address: Jalan Kuari, Batu 3,
Jalan Kluang,
83000 Batu Pahat, Johor
Website: http://dabogong.com

Lunch – Grand Sea View Restaurant (海景酒楼)
Batu Pahat Dinner
Batu Pahat Dinner-1
My parents visited this restaurant before and decided to bring us here for lunch. The restaurant is apparently the hottest wedding venue for the locals in Batu Pahat. They host weddings and big banquet. We ordered shark fin soup, a steamed fish and noodles for our lunch. The food here are generous in portion and the price is very reasonable. The noodles with yam is very delicious and it only priced at RM20 ~S$6.78. The overall lunch was satisfying and we were very full from bak kut teh so we did not order much. This place is suitable for big group gathering and also a good lunch & dinner location when you travel with family members.

Address: 21 Jalan Zabedah,
83000 Batu Pahat, Johor

Lunch/ Dinner – Chop See Kee Wanton Mee (張亞泗雲吞面) / Ah See Wantan Mee
Chop See Kee -Batu Pahat Hazeldiary
Ah See Wantan Mee-Hazeldiary
Chop See Kee -Batu Pahat Hazeldiary-1
Batu pahat Ah See Wanton Mee-– Chop See Kee Wanton Mee
Batu Pahat famous wanton mee is a must-have pit stop when you are here. My dad raved about it and we finally get the chance to try it. The wanton noodle business is run by the Chong’s family members. The noodles are made at the back of the shop. Thus, this explains the thickness of the egg noodles and the firm texture. What makes the dish unique is the aromatic sauce. And special mention the wanton which is also made in-house. Unlike those wanton noodles I usually ate in Johor Bahru, the wanton here is bigger and the filling is tender and juicy. It comes with different sizes and you can top up RM2~S$0.68 for additional 6pcs of dumplings. We queued and tapao back as our dinner before heading back Johor Bahru.

Address: 2 Jalan Jenang
83000 Batu Pahat , Johor
(Spot the OCBC bank branch and it is around the corner)
Opening Hour: 8:30AM – 9:30PM

Batu Pahat Johor-Hazeldiary
It was a short half day trip to be exact because my dad was not feeling well. Thus, we decided to call it a day and drove back to Johor Bahru. But we did stop at a random coffeeshop at Kulai to have our tea break with the local snacks we bought next to Chop See Kee Wanton Mee shop. The shop owner is kind enough for us to order drinks only and we enjoyed our tea break with the savoury snacks we purchased earlier on.
Batu Pahat Johor
I have yet to explore more of Batu Pahat food adventures. Hopefully I will be back to check out more of the food here. What I enjoyed most is that there is less tourists and the foods here are generally cheaper as compared to Johor Bahru. The portion served here are generous and filling too. It has the nostalgic feelings during the good old days where you can’t see nowadays in cities.

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