[SG EATS] Bei-Ing Yun Tuen (Wonton) Noodles At Roxy Square Food Court

My friends and I visited Bei-ing Yun Tuen Noodles located at Roxy Square Food Court over the weekend to try out their noodles. As I am not familiar with the place, it took me a while to locate the stall. I went round and round the building until I found the stall. bei-ing yun tuen wonton noodles
bei-ing yun tuen wonton noodles-1
The stall is located along with other stalls in air-conditioned space. As the seats are limited, chances you might need to share table with strangers.

Here are the noodles from the 35 years of tradition:
Wanton Noodles S$5.00
bei-ing yun tuen wonton noodles-Hazeldiary-1
bei-ing yun tuen wonton noodles-Hazeldiary
The QQ wanton noodles served with 2 wantons and fried wanton skin and caramelised charred char siew. The presentation is pretty innovative with black sweet sauce smeared on the plate like an art piece. Customers can opt for non-spicy or spicy noodles and I had mine without spicy. I enjoyed the springy texture of the noodles and the char siew is better than the usual ones I had.

Char Siew S$4.00 (Available in S$3.00, S$4.00 & S$5.00)
bei-ing yun tuen wonton noodles-char siew
If you love the charred char siew, you can order it as side too! Love the sweet caramelised coated on the outer layer of the char siew.

Chicken Katsu S$5.00
bei-ing yun tuen wonton noodles-chicken katsu
Chicken katsu served with truffle sauce by the side and served on bonito flakes. I would say the servings are generous with the price stated. However, I would prefer the bonito flakes to spread on top of the chicken katsu instead at the bottom of the chicken katsu. The reason being we do not really taste the bonito flakes until the last layer of the chicken katsu.

Fried Shrimp Dumplings S$4.00 (Available in S$4.00,S$5.00 & S$6.00)
bei-ing yun tuen wonton noodles-fried shrimp dumplings
bei-ing yun tuen wonton noodles-fried shrimp dumplings-1
Everyone enjoyed these crispy fried shrimp dumplings very much. This dish comes with truffle mayonnaise and chilli sauce.
bei-ing yun tuen wonton noodles-2
What makes the stall even interesting is the queue number system. Number will be given once the customer placed their order. Then, uncle will shout out the number with his loud and clear voice. You will never miss your number at all! It was a good breakfast on Sunday morning. All thanks to Eileen for extending the invite and also owner’s daughter for inviting us.

Bei-ing Yun Tuen
Address: 50 East Coast Road
#01-64 Roxy Square Food Court
Singapore 428769
Tel: +65 6440 9511
Opening Hours: 10:30AM – 6:00PM Daily

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