[SG EATS] Goldleaf Restaurant –Taiwan Porridge Restaurant (金葉) At Katong Square

It has been 2 years since I last visited Goldleaf Restaurant located at Amoy Street. However, it has moved to Katong Square since then. To celebrate its 47th anniversary, Goldleaf has unveiled brand-new dishes as well as brought back long-lost classics. If you are familiar with the restaurant, you will know that Goldleaf was the first in Singapore to offer Taiwanese porridge in the country back in 1971.
GL exterior
Oh boy! I was glad that I went because I had 3 bowls of their sweet potato porridge that night. #dontjudgeme . I didn’t expect that but comfort food always the best remedies anytime any day.
Goldleaf Katong Square-Sweet Potato Porridge

Here are the dishes I had to go with my sweet potato porridge:
Ah Ma’s Tri Platter S$10.80
Goldleaf Katong Square-Ah Ma’s Tri Platter
This trio is their long-lost dishes with over 20 years of history making a comeback. The trio includes beancurd sticks, peanuts soaked in bean marinade and fried minced pork with olives. These are best to go with porridge.

Tainan Olive Taiwanese Lettuce S$13.80
Goldleaf Katong Square-Tainan Olive Taiwanese Lettuce
Refreshing dish with olive fragrance topped with goji berries definitely best to go with porridge too.

Miaoli Black & White Muah Chee
Goldleaf Katong Square-Miaoli Black & White Muah Chee
Two types of muah chee topped with brown sugar from Miaoli, Taiwan and mix of house-ground black and white sesame powder.

Fresh Cockles $11.80
Goldleaf Katong Square-Fresh Cockles
This is a popular and top dish over the 47 years.

Steamed Pork Patty with Salted Fish S$12.80
Goldleaf Katong Square-Steamed Pork Patty with Salted Fish
Recipe was passed down over 40 years and it is available in limited quantities daily. The pork patties are tender, juicy and springy.

Omelette with Chye Por S$10.80
Goldleaf Katong Square-Omelette with Chye Por
My favourite dish that I ordered second servings shared among foodies that night. The chye por is soaked in a house marinade made with secret ingredients and adds a wonderful crunch to the fluffy omelette.

Seafood Beancurd S$9.80
Seafood Beancurd
Another must-have dish when you are here. The beancurd made with squid paste, abalone sauce and fresh prawn. Smooth texture Japanese beancurd used and is first steamed and then deep-fried. You certainly couldn’t stop at one piece. Trust me!

Deep Fried White Pomfret with Black Bean ( Seasonal Price)
Goldleaf Katong Square-Deep Fried White Pomfret with Black Bean
White promfret deep-fried to golden brown colour and drenched with Taiwanese beans. Another must-have dish to pair with porridge.

Kaohsiung Chilli Chicken S$15.80
Goldleaf Katong Square-Kaohsiung Chilli Chicken
Chunks of chicken tossed with a blend of eight secret spices. This is best for spicy food lovers.

Goldleaf Double Beancurd Platter S$10.80
Goldleaf Katong Square-Goldleaf Double Beancurd Platter
Silky smooth Japanese beancurd marinade is soused in a chef’s prepared soy sauce and complete with century egg specially imported from Taiwan and Taiwanese-style bonito flakes and Singapore-style pork floss.

Apart from ala-carte dishes, Goldleaf also launch their first ever ala-carte buffet starting from 2 July 2018 onwards.

Ala-Carte Buffet Pricing
(Available all week long except on Friday evenings, weekends and public holidays)
S$19.80 for Adults | S$12.80 for Kids
S$25.80 for Adults | S$18.80 for Kids
The buffet will include eight delicious mainstays including Ah Ma’s Tri-platter, Meicai Kourou, Kaoshiung Chilli Chicken, Chye Poh Omelette, Steamed Pork Patty with Salted Fish, Tainan Olive Taiwanese Lettuce, Double Beancurd Platter and Seafood Beancurd.

Goldleaf Katong Square-Hazeldiary
Goldleaf does not use any added MSG in its dishes and the assortment of sauces that accompanies the dishes is all made-in house. Goldleaf is a hearty and comfort food restaurant for family. I guess many of you have grown up eating them and this will definitely bring back memories for our elderly too. If you are craving for affordable, comfortable and delicious Taiwanese porridge, you know where to head to now.

Goldleaf Restaurant
Address: 86 East Coast Road
#01-02 Katong Square
Singapore 428788
Opening Hours: Monday- Sunday
Lunch 11:30AM-2:30PM | Dinner 6:00PM-10:00PM
A La Carte Buffet available as below:
Lunch (Monday – Friday) & Dinner (Monday- Thursday)
Tel: +65 6344 1735
Website: www.goldleaf.com.sg
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