[SG EATS] Pang’s Hakka Delicacies- Savour the Taste of Traditional Hakka Delicacies

Chef Pang Kok Keong is well-known for his refined classic French dishes and patisserie. He is also the owner of Antoinette Café. Following the success, he has ventured to an online shop specialises in traditional Hakka dishes, called Pang’s Hakka Delicacies. It is a brand new concept which serves authentic Hakka cuisine for take-out only.I tried his Hakka Abacus Seeds few months back when he just started the business. Fast forward now Chef Pang has extended his Hakka dishes.

Here are the Hakka dishes that are available for take-out services:
1. Hakka Abacus Seeds S$8.00 (approx. 250g)| S$30.00 (approx. 1kg)
Pang Hakka Delicacies- Abacus Seeds
Abacus seeds are made from premium yam from Thailand and sautéed with dried shrimps, dried cuttlefish, leek, garlic, black fungus, dried mushroom, Chinese celery and fresh minced pork. The process of making abacus seeds is time consuming and every single abacus seeds are individually shaped by hand.

2. Hakka Mugwort Kueh S$9.00 per box of 3pcs
Pang Hakka Delicacies-Hakka Mugwort Kueh
This is one of Chef Pang’s personal favourite in the menu and it was my first time trying it. The kueh has the mochi-like skin that is chewy and filled with white radish, salted and sweet turnip, carrot slices, Chinese mushroom, dried shrimps and fresh minced pork. The dish is finished off with garlic and fried shallot.

3. Hakka Leek Kueh S$12.00 per box of 6pcs
Pang Hakka Delicacies- Hakka Lee Kueh
This kueh is made with tender rice flour pastry filled with sautéed China leek, dried shrimps, beancurd and garlic.

4. Hakka Yam Cake S$8.00 per box
Pang Hakka Delicacies- Hakka Yam Cake
Next, we have the yam cake made with premium Thai yam and comes with traditional Chinese ingredients like lup cheong (Chinese dried sausage), fried shallots, dried Chinese mushroom and dried shrimps fried in lard.

5. Hakka Mee Tai Mak S$6.00 (approx.250g) | S$23.00 (approx. 1kg)
Pang Hakka Delicacies-Hakka Mee Tai Mak
First time trying this and it is home-made rice flour pasta. The mee tai mak is then stir-fried in pork lard for extra flavour and minced pork, Chinese mushrooms, salted radish, chives, carrots, deep fried beancurd and finished off with sprinkles of fried lard and dried shrimp powder. It is rather comforting and filling dish.

6. Hakka Xi Ban S$16.00 per box of 8pcs
Pang Hakka Delicacies- Hakka Xi Ban
This reminds me of the Chinese wedding buns because of the colours and the word in the centre of the cake. This is a traditional cake eaten by Hakkas during celebrations and festivites. The cakes made of glutinuous rice and wheat flour. Chef Pang tweaked the traditional recipe by adding filling to the cake. The two fillings are yam and salted egg yolk.

Orders can be made through Whatsapp message – +65 9021 7507 at least one day in advance.
It is advisable to order by 3pm 1 day before date of collection.

Pick up Timing: 11:00AM – 1:00PM | 5:00PM – 7:00PM
Saturday & Sunday only – 11:00AM – 1:00PM
Pang’s Hakka Delicacies- collection at the back alley of 30 Penhas Road.

Email: hakkapang@gmail.com
Facebook :www.facebook.com/hakkapang/

Note: Photos taken during media tasting session.

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