[JB EATS] Bora Bora Botanist- Garden-Themed Café At Senibong Cove

Recent new cafes opening in Johor Bahru are mostly in floral or garden themed concept including Bora Bora Botanist. Bora Bora Botanist Café is located at Senibong Cove, which is approximately 20minutes drive from JB immigration checkpoint. It is just a short drive away from Vanilla Bean Café and also the seafood restaurants like Restoran Todak and TKK Seafood Restaurant.
Bora Bora Botanist-Senibong Cove-1
Senibong Cove is a waterfront residential community area located at Johor Bahru’s east coast sanctuary. It is considered a new residential area located right opposite Singapore. The café is located along with other restaurants within this tranquil area.

The only ways to reach here is by driving or GRAB services. The GRAB fare from JB immigration/ Komtar JBCC is approximately RM14.00~S$4.67 for one way.

Bora Bora Botanist-Senibong Cove-2
Bora Bora Botanist-Senibong Cove
The café has indoor and alfresco dining area. We were there on Saturday and lucky to secure indoor seatings. It seems like a hot place currently as the service staff’s first question was “ Did you make reservation?” the moment we stepped in.

The menu is quite comprehensive including brunch menu, mains, pasta, salads, pizza and desserts as well. I read online reviews and mostly ordered seafood platters to share. However my cousins are vegan eaters, we ordered vegan dishes to share.
Bora Bora Botanist-Senibong Cove-Menu
Summer Avocado on Toast RM19.00~S$6.33
Bora Bora Botanist-Senibong Cove-Summer Avocado
We loved avocado so we decided to order this dish. Two slices of charred sourdough topped with smashed avocado, tomato salsa, corns and sesame. It is a healthier choice but we reckon it would be better if they include eggs to complete with ecstatic and also the servings.

Forest Mushroom Linguine RM18.00~S$6.00
Bora Bora Botanist-Senibong Cove-Linguine Mushroom
Bora Bora Botanist-Senibong Cove-Linguine
Pasta served with grilled king oyster, parsley,mushroom cream sauce and shaved parmesan.

Neapolitan RM18.00~S$6.00
Bora Bora Botanist-Senibong Cove-Neopolitan Pizza
Thin crusted pizza served with San Marzano tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil.

Laven-yu (LOVING YOU) RM15.00~S$5.00
Bora Bora Botanist-Senibong Cove-Laven-yu mocktail
We asked the staff to introduce their instagram-worthy drink and he recommended this. The mocktail drink scented with sun-dried lavender flowers.

Morning Sunshine with Chia Seeds RM19.00~S$6.33
Bora Bora Botanist-Senibong Cove-Summer Avocado-1
My cousin is very health conscious and she ordered this carrot, orange and green apple juice. She also requested to add chia seeds RM3.00~S$1.00 to the drink.
Bora Bora Botanist-Senibong Cove-Menu-Hazeldiary
Total bill was RM97.90 ~S$32.63 inclusive of 10% service charge.I would say there are hits and misses in terms of the food quality and price. Anyway, taste is based on individual preference. But one thing for sure, this place is quite attractive in terms of their interior space and the location. You can enjoy your savoury here and hop over to Vanilla Bean Café for their well-known hotcake dessert.

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Bora Bora Botanist
Address: Unit No. 1, Block B,
Senibong Cove,
81750 Johor Bahru,
Opening Hours:
Monday-Thursday 11:00AM – 11:00PM
Friday – Sunday 11:00AM – 12:00AM
Tel: +607 3863338
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/boraborabotanist/
Wifi: YES

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