[SG EATS] Kinou At 81 Tras Street –Modern Cuisine Restaurant & Bar

Kinou located along Tras Street offers modern cuisine with a combination of French, Spanish and Singaporean Food. The owner, Chef Benjamin Tilatti named the restaurant & bar, Kinou that refers to the ends of the baguette that his mother loves to eat. The chef is a traveller and he was inspired during his travelling times and decided to create this beautiful restaurant.
Kinou Tras Street-3
Kinou is also means yesterday in Japanese but Kinou here is from the French word, kinouign. In case you are wondering which to refer to.
Kinou Tras Street-2
Kinou Tras Street-1
Kinou Tras Street
The space include a bar counter, dining space, members’ lounge and event space at the upper level. The owner took over 3 levels of the shop house to create such a wonderful space for his customers.

Here are the food that we had during our night here.
Kinou Prawning Spot S$14.00++
Kinou Tras Street-Prawning Spot
Kinou Tras Street-Prawning Spot with Bread
Fresh prawns poached in garlic oil and it was so tasty with the Sourdough Basket bread that is made in-house. We even requested for additional bread basket to dip with the garlic oil.

A Leggy Encounter S$15.00++
Kinou Tras Street-Octopus
Seared octopus and poivron which I thought the texture can be softer.

Bone To Be Wild S$16.00++
Kinou Tras Street-Bone Marrow
Roasted beef bone marrow with garlic. The dish also served with a Tennessee Surprise Whiskey. So, the service staff get the marrow off the bone and then uses the bone as a pine to pour some whiskey down to the diner’s throat on the spot. It was quite an experience for me! The bone marrow tasted rich and soft that goes well with the sourdough bread.

Platter of Three – Kinou, Lost in Peru S$22.00++ | Kinou Signature Beef Tartare S$24.00++ | Whack A Quack S$24.00++ & Foie Gras S$15.00++
(5% Discount for 3 dishes)

Kinou Tras Street-Ceviche Peru
Kinou-Lost in Peru is a ceviche of raw red snapper with tomato cured in lime juice with sliced onions, avocado and corn guacamole. It is a Peruvian ceviche traditional dish widely eaten in Peru and I had similar versions at Triple Three, Mandarin Orchard Singapore –Flavours of Peru promotion.
Kinou Tras Street-Beef tartare
Kinou Signature Beef Tartare that comes in chunky texture followed by the Chompchae Deopbbap that has Korean bibimbap elements in it. It has the spicy chopped up tuna, quinoa, corn nuts and pickled egg yolk.
Kinou Tras Street-Whack A Quak
Next, duck breast pate served with sweet gingerbread. I am not a fan of this personally because of the gaminess. But the gingerbread and berries balance off the strong flavours.

Benjamin Meat S$95.00++/kg
Kinou Tras Street-Beef
The star of the night, 1-1.5kg grilled tomahawk steak served with the bone. The meat was indeed tender and juicy. This is best to share within 3-4 pax.

Nadya’s “Some Sort of Chocolate Dessert” S$15.00++
Kinou Tras Street-Dessert
Most of us loved this so much. It was made with miso caramel parfait, chocolate mousse, cashew brittle and shoyu glaze. It gives the sweet and salty flavours to our tastebuds.
Kinou Tras Street-Cocktail
It is a nice place to chill out after a day of long work. They serve all kinds of alcohol and you will be spoilt with the wine selection. Nice location with interesting food for a gathering session. But do take note on your spending as the price is not very low though.

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Address: 81 Tras Street
Singapore 079020
Tel: 62240463
Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Saturdays 5:00PM – 11:15PM
Closed on Sundays and Mondays
Website: http://www.kinourestaurant.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kinourestaurant/

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