[FOOD APP REVIEW] MealPal Singapore App – Another Option for Cheaper Meals in Central Business District (CBD) Area

[FOOD APP REVIEW] MealPal Singapore App – Another Option for Cheaper Meals in Central Business District (CBD) Area

Lunch in Central Business District (CBD) area can be quite pricey due to its prime location. So, I will try to make it a point to pack my lunch at least 2-3 days in a week. The reasons for packing lunch to work are to eat healthy and save some money at the same time. However, preparing lunch can be quite a hassle as I need to purchase the ingredients and cooked it early morning before I head to work. Then, I was introduced to MealPal app recently. I have been using it for few times and posted on my Instagram Stories.

What is MealPal?
MealPal is an app for food take-away with monthly subscription concept. It allows up to 15 meals a month for a fixed price for lunch or dinner during weekdays. This is subject to your choice of subscription either 12 meal lunch or 14 meal lunch. The food must be pre-ordered via the app with the participating restaurants at your designated area. Then, you can collect your order at your preferred time slot.

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How To Use MealPal?
First, download the app and choose your choice of monthly subscription. Next, set your postal code so that the app is able to provide you the nearest participating restaurant outlets with their menu of the day for you. Pick the meal you want and pre-order it a day before with the preferred collected timing slot.
Upon collection, scan the QR code displayed at the restaurant, and pick up your takeaway food. That’s how to go about it!
Mealpal reminder lunch notification
1. You can select your meal between 5pm to 10.30am the next day (Sunday to Thursday). You can also change your time of collection before 9.30am on the day itself without additional charges.
2. There will always be a reminder email or pop-up notification from MealPal app to remind you to place your meal. Fret not that you will miss it!

How much is MealPal?
MealPal Plans
MealPal offers 2 lunch subscription and 2 dinner subscription plans :
12 lunch meals at S$7.99 per meal
14 lunch meals at S$6.99 per meal (including 12 S$7.99 restaurant meals and 2 S$1.00 hawker meals)

10 dinner meals at S$8.99 per meal
15 dinner meals at S$8.49 per meal
So, the amount payable for 1 month subscription is S$97.88. However, you can use my link to enjoy S$30.00 off , which is S$67.88 for 12 restaurant meals + 2 hawker meals.

After trying it for few times, I think it is quite user-friendly app to use. The participating restaurant outlets nearby my office took me approximately 3-10mins walking time. There are quite a number of choices and the menu of each restaurants changes everyday. Some may repeat but most of the time is different.
I think it is quite convenient for those who are busy at work and wanted a quick grab & go solution. This can be one of the options too. Furthermore, the food selections are from restaurant dishes which actually cost more than S$10.00++ when you dine in. I think it is quite a savings for those frequent to restaurants for lunch most of the time.
MealPal Orders
MealPal -Flaming Don
MealPal-Joo bar
Overall, it is good saving money for those who usually have lunch for over S$10.00++. You also get to try different items every day and wouldn’t be bored with limited choices. However, the bad point is that you have to collect yourself instead of having it delivered to your doorstep. Treat it as a short walk before meal and take a break to feel the fresh air out of workplace for that few minutes.
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