[SG EATS] Popular Cheese Tea Bakery Café Nayuki  (奈雪の茶) Opening Its First Overseas Store At VivoCity !

[SG EATS] Popular Cheese Tea Bakery Café Nayuki (奈雪の茶) Opening Its First Overseas Store At VivoCity !

Cheese tea is the current drink trend in China and it is spreading to surrounding countries. Nakuyi first begun with the founders’ appreciation of the tea drinking culture and that has become an integral part of the Chinese culture for almost 5000 years. Today, under its joint venture with Breadtalk Group, Nakuyi is proud to share that its first overseas outlet will open at Vivocity in early December 2018.
For this upcoming Cheese Tea Bakery Café Nakuyi, there are offering wide collection of vibrant and delicious fruits-based cheese teas and soft-euro bakes . The brand also complementing fresh-fruit blended premium teas. We got the opportunity to check it out during the tasting session.

Strawberry Goodness with Nakuyi’s Signatures
Indulge in their signature products such as Supreme Cheese Strawberry tea and Strawberry fresh cream bread. Strawberry lovers will definitely want to give it a try!
Alisan Mountain Dew Tea
This exclusive premium tea gained its well-deserved recognition at the Taiwan Winter Tea Competition 2017. The tea buds are handpicked with precision before sunrise when the leaves are still covered in morning dew, giving the tea a natural hint of sweetness. The tea buds are then roasted at a low temperature for 40 hours to bring out its floral scent.

Here are other breads and drinks available in store as well…

Nakuyi @Vivocity
Address: Vivocity #01-207
1 Harbourfront Walk
Singapore 098585
Opening Hours: 10:00AM – 10:00PM

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