[SG EATS] Pavilion Banana Leaf – The South Indian Restaurant At Jurong Point

[SG EATS] Pavilion Banana Leaf – The South Indian Restaurant At Jurong Point

Pavilion Banana Leaf located at Jurong Point Mall was previously known as Zaffron Banana Leaf. This casual dining restaurant is halal certified, which cater to muslim customers. Eileen Poh invited me and another Eileen to join her for a tasting session few weeks ago. So, here I am exploring western side of Singapore.
Pavilion Banana Leaf-Jurong Point
Pavilion Banana Leaf Restaurant-Indian Cuisine-2
In case if you are wondering, Pavilion Banana Leaf is under the same company as Zaffron Kitchen. The menu and recipes of the restaurant is designed and curated based on teamwork between the operations from First Gourmet and Chef Damu (Indian Celebrity Chef) for an authentic Chettinad fare.
Moving on is the food we tried that day:
Dahi Puri S$2.80++
Pavilion Banana Leaf-Indian Cuisine
We started with Dahi Puri. It is a snack originated from India and is a form of chaat and originates from the city of Mumbai. Crispy fried semolina flour Puri filled with boiled diced masala potatoes, green beans, sweet & spicy sauce, sweetened yoghurt, pomegranate seeds and Sev ( fried gram flour crispies). This is my second trying it. My first time was at Rang Mahal. This snack is best to enjoy once it is served to soothe your palate.

Samosa Dhai Chaat S$4.80++
Pavilion Banana Leaf Restaurant-Indian Cuisine
Another savory snack or Indian street food where the potatoes stuffed samosa topped with sweet and spicy sauce, sweetened yoghurt and Sev (fried gram flour crispies). This is a flavourful snack in terms of presentation and taste.

Garlic Naan S$5.20++ & Cheese Naan S$6.20++
Pavilion Banana Leaf Restaurant-Indian Cuisine-Naan
Diners can request for preference naans or order bread basket with different combination. Price varies so please refer to their menu. Buttery, soft and fluffy naan that is best to dip with butter chicken gravy.

Butter Chicken S$17.50++
Pavilion Banana Leaf Restaurant-Indian Cuisine-Naan and Butter Chicken
Chicken Tikka marinated in yogurt, spice mixture, and simmered in tomato, cashew nuts, butter flavoured gravy accented with dry fenugreek. The combination spices give a sweeter gravy and mild flavour as a whole. This is best to enjoy with a basket of naan.

Lamb Shank Briyani S$25.00++
Pavilion Banana Leaf-Lamb Shank
In-house speciality dish and I think the portion is best shared among 2-3 people. The lamb texture was tender and no gamey taste at all. The long grain rice tasted flavourful and best match to enjoy with the gravy.

Fish Head Curry (Half) S$28.00++
Pavilion Banana Leaf-Fish Head Curry
Pavilion Banana Leaf Restaurant-Indian Cuisine-1
Fish head simmered in tamarind gravy with brinjal, okra, spices and coconut milk. Unlike Chinese-style curry, Indian curry taste is rich and creamy. North Indian curries are more flavourful and rich thick stews, which is best to enjoy with briyani, white rice or even naan. For spicy lovers, you will definitely enjoy the spiciness.

Another pleasant Indian cuisine dining experience I would say. It is quite interesting to learn more about Indian cuisine and the price here is affordable and pocket-friendly for families too.

Pavilion Banana Leaf
Address: 1 Jurong West Central 2,
Jurong Point #03-58/59
Singapore 648886
Website: https://pavilionbananaleaf.com/

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