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One bag with things you need easy to hand, another one for the rest

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For many, travelling is seen as the dream perk of any job; jetting off to a new city, country or continent, with everything paid for is a lifestyle many people, and especially school leavers, dream of. But for those who travel regularly for work, it is bearable at most. The regular traveller will most likely have perfected their travel and packing routines, but for the less seasoned globetrotter, the packing style may be throwing stuff into a suitcase last minute. It certainly works for some journeys, but usually it means that things are forgotten or too much is packed
that never gets used.

Things for your journey
If you are bringing more than one bag, e.g. when flying, it is recommended that in a smaller bag (to keep with you at all times) you pack an extra top or shirt, some underwear, socks and some of the key items from your sponge bag (think medicines, ear plugs for the flight, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, and basic make-up if you use that). This means that you will have them to hand should you have an accident onboard or the main bag does not arrive at the destination at the same time as you.
If there are restrictions on either luggage size or weight, try wearing the clothes and shoes which are bulkiest or heaviest. Another tip is to roll your clothes when packing, or use packing cubes. Both of these options will help you reduce the amount of air you are packing. Clothes like t-shirts and trousers, will actually be less creased when rolled than when folded. Formal shirts and suits will still need to be folded.

Neatly folded clothes in a suitcase

*Photo by Arnel Hasanovic, Public Domain (CC0 1.0)*

Pack clothes with multi-functionality
If you know where you are going and what you are doing whilst away, packing becomes much easier; beach holiday, city break, skiing holiday or a strict business trip? There are a few things which are always good to pack, including e.g. passport, toothbrush, toothpaste, adapters and chargers for all of your electronics, any prescription medicines, spare glasses or contact lenses.
When it comes to what clothes you should pack, a general guide is that you are more likely to wear things that you’ve worn before. If something has been hanging in your wardrobe for weeks without being worn, the likelihood of you actually taking it out of the suitcase is very slim.

Similarly, new shoes may not be the best to wear or pack for a trip away. If you are unlucky, they’ll rub and give you blisters, limiting your movements, or adding unnecessary pain.
If you are going on a business trip and will be spending the whole time in meetings or at business dinners, focus your packing on clothing and shoes suitable for formal situations, but also add something comfortable to wear in the hotel room or consider adding a sport kit or swimming clothes, if the hotel has those facilities.
If you are going on a combined city and beach holiday, e.g. to Sydney, packing items which can be used for more than one purpose will save you valuable packing space; a maxi dress in muted colours or with a discreet print will work well during the day on Manly beach as a coverup, but equally, will look elegant for an evening drink at the Rocks or at the Opera House.
Equally, if you are heading for one of the many casinos in Macau, make sure you have packed accordingly. In some locations, the scarf, sports jersey and hoodie may work, but is it by far safer to pack a smart suit or a dress to ensure you are let in.

Packing cleverly
As mentioned above, only pack things that you have used before and that you like wearing; everything else will be a waste of space, and you may find that you have to do some laundry whilst away. If the reason for you going away is to indulge in some serious shopping, then instead of packing your favourite clothes, pack clothes that still fit you but that are getting a bit too worn. At the end of the trip, if you find that you have bought too much, it won’t be that hard leaving your old clothes behind and instead filling the suitcase with new clothes or souvenirs.

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