[SG EATS] Kilo Kitchen At Duxton Road

[SG EATS] Kilo Kitchen At Duxton Road

My first visit to Kilo Kitchen was at Kallang, which was opened 2011 and closed on September 2018. Fast forward here I am here at their new place at Duxton Road. This new space has opened since December 2018 and has an instagram-worthy interior space with nice backdrop theme at the bar counter.
Kilo Kitchen Duxton Road
Kilo Kitchen Duxton Road-2
Kilo Kitchen Duxton Road-1
The menu at Kilo Kitchen has a modern take from Latin and Asian influences and here are the dishes we had the other night.
Pan S$7.00++
Kilo Kitchen Duxton Road-Pan grilled bread
Totally love this grilled bread of the day with confit garlic dip. Recommended to order before you kick start your mains.

Grilled Avocado S$10.00++
Kilo Kitchen Duxton Road-Grilled Avocado
My favourite dish of the night is this grilled avocado served with buckwheat puffs and ponzu.

Crab Croquettes S$8.00++ for 2pcs | S$15.00++ for 4pcs
Kilo Kitchen Duxton Road-Crab Croquette
Kilo Kitchen Duxton Road-Crab Croquette-1
Crab croquettes served with homemade basil vinaigrette dipping. It is simply addictive with crispy crunch on the outside and creamy on the inside.

Kilo’s Seafood Ceviche S$23.00++
Kilo Kitchen Duxton Road-Seafood Ceviche
Seafood ingredients include the raw tuna and seasoned with sesame seeds, chives, wasabi and soy sauce. Refreshing and zesty flavours before we move on to our mains.

Atas Lentils S$26.00++
Kilo Kitchen Duxton Road-Atas Lentils
Not everyone likes lentils but do give this a try! It is served with a pasteurized raw egg yolk, manchego, bacon, truffle and iberico. Mixed the egg yolk together first before you enjoy the dish.

Squid Ink Rice S$29.00++
[SG EATS] Kilo Kitchen At Duxton Road
Kilo Kitchen Duxton Road-Black Ink Squid Rice-1
Lovely presentation of the squid ink rice served in a claypot comes with crispy baby squid, ikura and aioli. And of course give a good mix before you taste it.

Beef Tongue Tacos S$18.00 for 2 | S$35.00 for 4++
Kilo Kitchen Duxton Road-Beef Tongue Tacos
Tacos lovers can order this to try. The beef tongue texture is tender and it goes well with apple miso slaw, jalapeno pesto and garlic tallow. Tasty as it looks!

Ricotta Gnocchi S$26.00++
Kilo Kitchen Duxton Road-Ricotta Gnocchi
Indulge in the soft gnocchi served with miso butter and mushrooms.

Grilled Whole Rainbow Trout S$46.00++
Kilo Kitchen Duxton Road-Grilled Whole Rainbow Trout
Fish lovers can consider to order grilled whole Rainbow Trout. The portion is best for sharing of 2-3 pax. The fish flesh tasted sweet with tender texture and compliment well with confit tomatoes, basil and olive oil. The best part is the service staff will debone it nicely for us before we start attacking the fish.

Chocolate Terrine S$14.00++
Kilo Kitchen Duxton Road-Dessert-Chocolate
Rich chocolate terrine with rich and smoky salted caramel within it and topped with thin and crisp tuile. Best for chocolate lovers!

Coconut Tembleque S$14.00++
Kilo Kitchen Duxton Road-Dessert
Or go for light and refreshing coconut tembleque that served with chocolate, pineapple and oats.
Kilo Kitchen Duxton Road-Cocktails
Best place to chill after work on weekdays I would say and the food and services here are not bad in general. With the ambience, settings and dimmed lightings, it is ideal for couple dates or even gatherings. And of course alcohol drinks include cocktails are available as well.

Kilo Kitchen
Adddress: 97 Duxton Road
Singapore 089541
Website: http://kilokitchen.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kilokitchen

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