[SG EATS] Earth Day Dinner At Restaurant Jag – Duxton Road

[SG EATS] Earth Day Dinner At Restaurant Jag – Duxton Road

Restaurant Jag located along Duxton Road is a 26-seater French fine-dining restaurant helmed by Michelin Star Chef Jeremy Gillon in the kitchen and under the stewardship of Anant. In conjunction of Earth Day, they celebrate it with vegetarian options using both locally sourced fresh produce and internationally as well. And Chef Jeremy also uses over 40 herbs available from the Savio Mountains (mountainous region in the southeast of France) as part of creating the dishes.

Credit: Restaurant JAG official website
Restaurant JAG-Duxton Road-Chef Jeremy
With the recent trend of going vegan and meatless, you can see more and more people are going into healthy lifestyle and environmental friendly concept. I was excited to see what Chef Jeremy offered for our meatless 5-course menu of the night.
Restaurant JAG-Duxton Road-Mocktail Drink
We started off with mocktail drink that consists of grape and grapefruit juice with sage. Refreshing drink before we start our night.
Restaurant JAG-Duxton Road-Canape
Next, we had the canapé of duo finger items. We were recommended to try the jelly-like dome of herb on a pastry followed by the croquette.

Restaurant JAG-Duxton Road-Bread
Restaurant JAG-Duxton Road-Bread and Butter-1
Restaurant JAG-Duxton Road-Bread and Butter
Complimentary breads were served. There are the sourdough and soft bun with herb bread. The breads come with citrus butter, salted Normandy butter and a herb butter.

Restaurant JAG-Duxton Road-Cucumber water
Moving on is the Verveine, Cucumber Water, Tofu Crème. It was a refreshing cucumber water taste with fragrance sesame in the tofu cream and the acidic taste from verveine. And I enjoyed the crunch from the vegetables.

Restaurant JAG-Duxton Road-Green Pea
Thyme Citron, Fava, Green Pea, Grapefruit is the first course of the night.
The combination of each ingredient was surprisingly good. There is the nutty taste from the fava and green peas and the citrusy flavour from the grapefruit. Pretty presentation and taste good too.

Carvi,Purple Artichoke, Fresh Sage
Restaurant JAG-Duxton Road-Purple Artichoke
Second course dish was appealing and taste equally good too. The aromatic carvi served with natural flavour from the tender purple artichoke and Mediterranean mint taste of fresh sage.Surprisingly, some of the guests who do not like artichoke enjoyed the dish. It was simple ingredient used and yet deeply satisfying.

Menthe Verte, Chayote, Sunflower Seed
[SG EATS] Earth Day Dinner At Restaurant Jag – Duxton Road
Chayote is also known as mirliton squash is an edible plant and was prepared in two different textures along with mint sauce, cream and sunflower seed sauce. What makes the dish even flavourful is the sunflower seed. And chayote is very low in calories but rich in folate vitamin which is good for health.

Restaurant JAG-Duxton Road-Cleanser
Trou-normand– lemon sorbet served as a palate cleanser before the main course served.

Hysope, St Vincent Asparagus, Sesame
Restaurant JAG-Duxton Road-Asparagus
Asparagus served with shaved green mango and sesame seed for the flavours.

Restaurant JAG-Duxton Road-1
Mushroom diced included in the cornmeal.

Restaurant JAG-Duxton Road-Pre-dessert
Pineapple mousse and kiwi sorbet topped with the coriander leave as the pre-dessert of the night.

Reine des Pres, Pink Lady Apple, Rhubarbe
Restaurant JAG-Duxton Road-Dessert
We ended the dinner with a nice fruity, sweet and slight sourish from all the components from the apple and plants.

Restaurant JAG-Duxton Road
It was a gastronomy dinner experience with curated vegetarian menu from the herbs, plants and ingredients carefully sourced by Chef Jeremy and team. Who says vegetarian food is not gastronomic? Check this place for different whole perspective of vegetarian dishes.

Here are the pricing details:
Three Expressions S$58.00++
Five Expressions S$108.00++ Wine Pairing Add S$88.00++
Seven Expressions S$168.00 ++ Wine Pairing Add S$128.00++

Five Expressions S$108.00++ Wine Pairing Add S$88.00++
Seven Expressions S$168.00++ Wine Pairing Add S$128.00++
Ten Expressions S$218.00++ Wine Pairing Add S$178.00++

Restaurant JAG
Address: 78 Duxton Road
Singapore 089535
Tel: +65 3138 8477
Opening Hours:
Tuesdays – Friday 12:00PM – 2:00PM | 6:00PM – 10:00PM
Saturdays 6:00PM -10:00PM
( Closed on Sundays, Mondays and Public Holidays)
Website : https://www.restaurantjag.com
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/restaurantjagsg/
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/restaurantjagsg/

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