[SG EATS] D9 Cakery of Hilton Singapore X Valrhona New Premium Cocoa Inspired Collection

[SG FOOD] D9 Cakery of Hilton Singapore X Valrhona New Premium Cocoa Inspired Collection

[SG EATS] D9 Cakery of Hilton Singapore X Valrhona New Premium Cocoa Inspired Collection

D9Cakery of Hilton Singapore and Valrhona have teamed up to launch a brand new collection with 18 new cakes and sweet creations. You can check out the previous collection here.So, for this new collection, they are presenting 18 premium cocoa-inspired creations with an eclectic mix of flavours, textures and chocolate intensities. So excited to see Chef Cindy Khoo new creations from French-and-Japanese inspired creations to the ultimate premium cocoa inspired cakes with Valrhona.D9 Cakery of Hilton Singapore- Chef Cindy Khoo and Chef Jeremy Aspa
D9 NEW Signature Cake- Double Chocolate Cake
S$55.00 for 1kg cake | S$6.00 per slice

D9 Cakery of Hilton Singapore
The cake comprises 8 rich and moist layers with two types of premium Valrhona dark chocolate; Sakanti Bali 68% and Itakuja 55%. The chocolate has the gorgeous chocolatey notes with hints of toasted nuts. Surprisingly, it is not ‘jelak” with the strong aromatic dark chocolate.
D9 Cakery of Hilton Singapore- Rhubarb Origami Amour
Artisanal Origami Collection
Available S$75.00 each for 800gm

Origami collection includes Rhubarb Origami Amour and Sakura Origami Ruby. Rhubarb Origami Amour is an origami heart shaped cake with tarty rhubarb compote well balanced with Valrhona Strawberry Inspiration chocolate, chamomile tea jelly, vanilla bourbon mousse and almond sponge.
D9 Cakery of Hilton Singapore- Sakura Origami Ruby
Sakura Origami Ruby is the shape of a pink sakura flower origami with sweet raspberry cremeux paired with light TWG sakura tea mousse and crunchy matcha tea dacquoise with Valrhona Raspberry Inspiration chocolate.

Edible Art Pieces- Instagram-worthy Fruit Collection
S$8.00 each per piece

D9 Cakery of Hilton Singapore- Mangue
Mangue– Mango-shaped pastry filled with fresh mango cubes and oozy mango lava tossed with lemongrass zest, TWG alfonso tea (black tea and mango), Valrhona Inspiration Passion Fruit chocolate and almond sponge. This is my second favourite from the fruit collection series. It is almost like having the real mango taste.
D9 Cakery of Hilton Singapore- Cerise
Cerise– A shape of cherry with a glistening maroon glaze that unveils tarty Morello cheeries balanced with fragrant rosemary lava, light vanilla bourbon mousse, Valrhona Inspiration Raspberry chocolate and almond sponge. This reminds me of the poisoned apple in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
D9 Cakery of Hilton Singapore- Poire
Poire– Williams pear shaped with refreshing real pear cubes and mint flavours combined with TWG crème caramel tea infused mousse, Valrhona Inspiration Yuzu chocolate and almond sponge. This is my top pick of all because of the light and refreshing taste. Packed with flavours but yet tasted light as a whole.

Valrhona Cocoa Inspired Creations
There are total of 4 D9 creations- New Café Caramelia, New Valrhona Chocolate Brownie, Royal Hazel and Foret Noire (Black Forest).
D9 Cakery of Hilton Singapore- New Café Caramelia
The Café Caramelia embellished in shades of glossy brown, black and white hues for the coffee lovers with layers of intense coffee cremuex, well-balanced with Valrhona Caramelia chocolate and chocolate almond sponge. This cake left a deep impression as the first taste has the strong coffee flavour but the chocolate taste slowly comes in and blend it well. I am not a coffee person but I enjoyed the layering taste of this cake.

Apart from the cake series, there is a limited edition bonbon and tablet collection presented by Valrhona master pastry chef trainer Jeremy Aspa. He is from France with over 7 years of experience as a Valrhona pastry chef trainer. Chef Aspa showcases his mastery of chocolate with six exclusive Valrhona bonbon creations and two chocolate tablets. The six-capsule-shaped bonbons are priced at S$4.00 each, all curated with selection flavours.
D9 Cakery of Hilton Singapore- Valrhona bonbon creations-1
D9 Cakery of Hilton Singapore- Valrhona bonbon creations
Black Forest Bonbon– Tulakalum 75% dark chocolate ganache with cherry and vanilla
Dulexo-Caramelized ganache with a mix of exotic fruits
Comet Caramel-Tanariva 33% sweet caramel milk chocolate
Truffle Opalys Coco-Opalys 33% white chocolate and coconut flakes
Tender Rock– Bitter lactee 39% milk chocolate with crushed hazelnuts
Raspberry Garden-Valrhona Raspberry Inspiration chocolate with red fruit bits

For queries and orders, visit www.hiltonsingaporerestaurants.com/d9cakery , or call +65 6730 3392 or email D9Cakery@hilton.com

*All prices are subjected to 7%GST and 10% service charge*

D9 Cakery
Address: Lobby Level, Hilton Singapore
581 Orchard Road
Singapore 238883
Opening Hours: 10:00AM – 9:00PM Daily
Website: https://www3.hilton.com/en/index.html

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