[SG EATS] Dinner At Guan Hoe Soon Restaurant – Peranakan Restaurant in Joo Chiat Place

[SG EATS] Dinner At Guan Hoe Soon Restaurant – Peranakan Restaurant in Joo Chiat Place

Guan Hoe Soon Restaurant is a Peranakan Restaurant in Joo Chiat Place since 1953. It is said to be one of the oldest Peranakan restaurants in Singapore. The restaurant is currently run by third generation. My friend, Wilson suggested for a foodie dinner here and we made a reservation.Guan Hoe Soon Restaurant-Peranakan Singapore-3
The interior restaurant is decorated with simple decoration but yet homely feel. There is also a display of vintage tableware at the back of the restaurant. The crowd started to follow in from 6.30pm onwards and mostly are family groups.

The service staff will serve Fresh Achar S$4.00+ upon arrival. You can opt not to have it though.
Guan Hoe Soon Restaurant-Peranakan Singapore-2
Here are the dishes we ordered for our dinner.
Ayam Buah Keluak S$16.80+
Guan Hoe Soon Restaurant-Peranakan Ayam Buah Keluak
This is an acquired taste dish because one of my friends is not a fan of buah keluak. Ayam buah keluak is a staple dish of Peranakan dish and the core ingredient is the keluak nut and the spicy tamarind gravy. The gravy is made from a blend of spices and best to enjoy with a plate of white rice.

Ngoh Hiang S$12.80+
Guan Hoe Soon Restaurant-Peranakan -Ngoh Hiang
Crispy skin deep fried till brown and crispy but lacking in crunchy bits though. It is best to enjoy with sauce provided.

Beef Rendang S$15.80+
Guan Hoe Soon Restaurant-Peranakan -Beef Rendang
Thick and creamy beef rendang that is typically slow-cooked to create the tenderness of the meat texture. Taste wise is not overwhelming and best to go with white rice.

Ikan Assam Nanas Pedas S$38.00+
Guan Hoe Soon Restaurant-Peranakan -Ikan
This is a sour, fiery hot and sweet flavour signature fish dish of this restaurant. To be honest, I think the dish is lack of flavours. The fish is fresh though.

Babi Pongteh S$12.80+
Guan Hoe Soon Restaurant-Peranakan Singapore

Sayor Lodeh S$11.80+
Guan Hoe Soon Restaurant-Peranakan -Sayor
A mixed of vegetables curry dish.

Onion Omelette S$11.80+
Guan Hoe Soon Restaurant-Peranakan Onion Omelette
Guan Hoe Soon Restaurant-Peranakan Singapore-1
Total bill chargeable – S$150.10 inclusive of 7% GST and 2 Chinese Tea, 4 Towel and 4 bowl of white rice. No service charge here. Overall dinner was pleasant with friendly service staffs and hearty homely feel dishes here. However, I still prefer the Peranakan dishes from Malacca and Penang, Malaysia that has stronger in flavours. It is all about personal preference when comes to dining.

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Guan Hoe Soon Restaurant
Address: 38/40 Joo Chiat Place
Singapore 427762
Tel: +65 6344 2761
Website: www.guanhoesoon.com

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